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Job Assessments are included in the hiring process to understand the abilities of the candidates. These are especially important while hiring for technical roles as these roles require specific skills. Testing these skills using assessments and assignments is the perfect way to assess candidates. This is where a job assessment mail comes in handy. 


A Job Assessment Mail is sent to candidates to notify them of these assessments. The content of these emails should contain all the information about the assessment process, the deadline, guidelines, and the timeframe. The assessment mail should also include an attachment or a link to the assessment or assignment. 


Here is a template that you can use.




Subject: Assessment for the position of [Job Title]


Dear [Candidate Name],


Thank you for showing interest in the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. As a part of our hiring process, we send out assessments related to the position to test your skills. 


You will find an attachment with this mail that contains all the instructions related to the assessment. You will also find the link to the assessment in the attachment. In order to complete the assessment successfully, you will need to go through the instructions carefully. 


Please do not feel the pressure of providing “correct” answers to the questions. The goal of this assessment is to understand the potential of your skills and what kind of approach you take while solving problems related to the position of [Job Title]. 


The due date of the assessment is on [Mention Due Date]. 


Feel free to reach out to me or [Employee Name], if you have any questions related to this assessment. His email address is [Email address]. 


Wishing you all the best!





[Job Title]


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