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Sending a Job Application Received Mail to candidates who apply for an open position at your company can go a long way in improving the candidate experience. Improving candidate experience is especially important if you want to build your employer brand.


The Job Application Received Mail can also contain information related to the further steps of the hiring process and how the candidate should prepare for it. You can also provide them with a timeframe of when they will be hearing from you again. These can help set up the expectations of the candidates and avoid poor communication. 


Here is a template you can use.




Subject: Your application for the role of [Job Title] at [Company Name]


Dear [Candidate Name],


Thank you for your time and effort while applying for the position of [Job Title]. We appreciate your interest in working with us at [Company Name].


Your application was received on [Mention Date]. Our hiring team is still accepting more applicants, hence we will require some time to review all the applications and get back to you. 


After reviewing all the applications, we will move forward with a job assessment phase followed by the interview process. The job assessment phase will start from [Start Date] and the interview process will begin from [Start Date]. 


If you are selected for the interview process, our HR department will contact you on the tentative date [Enter Tentative Date]. 


Although most of our communication will be done through mails,  hope you are available at the contact number provided in your resume. 


I will contact you again right before the assessment process starts. Feel free to reach out to me in case you have any questions or concerns. 


All the best!





[Job Title]



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