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IT manager

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Who is an IT manager?


An IT manager is a professional who ensures that all of the team members have the technology that is needed to get their job done. The resources may include preparing a laptop and a VPN address for remote workers who cannot otherwise be reached out to. They also need to have great coordination with other departments such as HR or finance to ensure the data is secured.


What does an IT manager do?


An IT manager will be responsible for connecting the office to the world. Right from managing video, voice, and data connections on-site at each location to ensure that the remote workers are met with their tech needs they need to keep updated. In such a way they need to ensure that the entire company is always connected.


Job brief


We are looking for a detail-oriented IT manager who will be accountable and responsible for the smooth functioning of the computer systems within the limits of the required costs, specifications, and timelines. You will check the implementation and maintenance of our company’s computing needs. You will also need to contain improved skills, professional experience, and detailed knowledge regarding the industry’s best practices and processes.


Duties and Responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities of an IT manager include the following:


  •       Managing IT team members by recruiting, and training the employees while communicating the job expectations and monitoring their performance.
  •       Plan, organize evaluate and control the IT and electronic data operations
  •       Ensuring that there is the security of data, network access, and backup systems
  •       Identification of problematic areas and bringing up strategies to solve them
  •       Designing, developing, coordinating, and implementing the systems, policies, and procedures
  •       Managing information technology and computer systems
  •       Preserving assets, control structures, and information security
  •       Auditing systems and assessing their outcomes
  •       Handling budget annually and making sure there is cost-effectiveness
  •       Acting according to the consumer needs and fulfilling them.


Key requirements


The key requirements of an IT manager can be provided as follows:


  •       Proven work experience as an IT manager or a similar role
  •       Good knowledge of technical management, computer hard/software systems, and information analysis
  •       Ability to manage team members
  •       Hands-on experience with network administration, computer networks, and network installation
  •       Expertise in data center management and data governance
  •       A degree in computer science, MIS, or a similar field

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