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International Background Verification Check

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A global workforce will create a dynamic environment for the organization and will also help with better ideas being communicated. However, while hiring globally, it is essential to conduct an in-depth background verification to ensure that the candidates who have applied are eligible for the role or not. Especially with an increasing number of migrant workers, background checks have become more important than ever. 


Importance of running international background verification checks

An international background verification check will include background checks for those candidates living abroad and those living in the US who have previously studied, lived, or worked in any other foreign country. With the help of these background checks, there are certain benefits that can be obtained such as follows:

  • Helps in making informed decisions that will be based on reliable results obtained from foreign databases
  • Ensures that the employment history of your candidate will be accurate
  • This will help confirm that your candidate has the relevant skills and experience needed to succeed in the role. 


What all does international background checks cover?

The international background check will cover the following aspects of the candidate:

  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference checks
  • Professional license verification
  • Office of foreign asset control/terrorist watch list searches
  • International criminal record search in over 240 territories and countries
  • Motor vehicle records and driver abstracts

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