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An HR officer is responsible for making sure that every aspect of the hiring process is in accordance with the policies which also includes orientation and training of new staff members. They also assist in payroll management so that each employee receives their paychecks on time. 


Some of the common responsibilities of an HR officer can be provided as follows:

  • Supporting the development along with the implementation of HR initiatives and systems
  • Providing counseling on various policies and procedures that are involved. 
  • Being actively involved in recruitment by preparing job descriptions, posting ads, and management of hiring processes. 


Top 20 HR officer questions to ask for a job interview


  1. Why did you leave your past position as an HR officer?
  2. Tell us what strategies would you employ to ensure the recruiting process goes about smoothly?
  3. Explain why did you choose this particular career path and what led you to your chosen position?
  4. Why have you applied for this role as an HR officer?
  5. Explain what do you mean by human resource management?
  6. What are the ways used to transfer applicant data?
  7. Why do you think as an HR officer that counseling staff on personal or work problems is very important?
  8. How do you accept criticism as an HR officer?
  9. What is the aspect of our organization that attracted you?
  10. How according to you applicant actions differ from applicant activities?
  11. In a situation where an employee becomes hostile or extremely negative, how will you handle the situation?
  12. Tell us more about your work background and give us a description of how it related to our current opening?
  13. What do you think of Standard Operating Procedures?
  14. What was your primary contribution or achievement in your past roles?
  15. What do you know about our company?
  16. If you are hired how would you expect to be different after a year in this position?
  17. If the position required it, would you be traveling?
  18. If you are offered this position when are you available to start?
  19. What are the additional things that we need to know about you?


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