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HR clerks are professionals who provide administrative support that is needed to the HR departments. Although some of the duties may differ based on the HR team’s needs and sizes, most of the responsibilities will include arranging interviews, maintaining records of employees in the organization, and updating or canceling job ads. With the help of the following HR clerk questions template provided to the recruiters, they can analyze which candidate has the capabilities needed to serve the role of HR clerk.


15 HR Clerk questions for a job interview:


  1. What do you do if your manager assigns you a task you aren’t familiar with during your first week?
  2. What sort of personal data do you request from new hires?
  3. What do you include in an onboarding presentation while preparing it for new employees?
  4. What would you do if an employee approached you claiming there was an error in their monthly paycheck?
  5. How do you schedule interviews effectively?
  6. What are some of the company policies that are important for an organization to have?
  7. How do you keep digital and physical records organized and how often do you need to update them?
  8. Explain a time when you had to cooperate with people that you didn’t get along with.
  9. How do you stay motivated among clerical tasks that are quite repetitive?
  10. Why did you apply for this position?
  11. What do you hope to learn when you get this position?
  12. How do you prioritize work?
  13. If you have multiple assignments to complete in a day, how do you segregate them?
  14. Are you aware of how to segregate the tasks among various junior team members?
  15. Why do you think that you are fit for this role?

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