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HR Administrator

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Who is an HR Administrator?


An HR Administrator is the first point of contact of employees and external individuals in an office for any HR-related issues. The primary duty of HR Administrators is to gather and oversee all data related to the employees of the company. They are, however, also involved in the training and development process of employees, their recruitment and hiring, and their onboarding. 


What does an HR Administrator do?


In most companies, HR administrators are responsible for handling employee documentation, recruitment paperwork, employee contracts, onboarding itineraries, etc. HR administrators have a good knowledge and understand of HR, employment laws, and regulations and they make sure that the HR department, as well as the entire company, abides by these rules and regulations. They may also assist employees and managers with various administrative-related duties and resolve issues as per requirements. 


Job Brief


Our company is on the lookout for a hardworking HR administrator to join our HR team of experts. You must be passionate about HR duties and must contribute the best of you to enhance our company’s culture. You will be responsible for providing support to the HR department and overseeing its various tasks. If you excel in HR management and are a people person, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. 


Duties and responsibilities


  • Create and maintain employee documentation
  • Update employee databases regularly, for example, updating sick leaves
  • Manage employee contracts and recruitment guides
  • Create periodical reports on HR metrics
  • Review company policies and renew them
  • Manage legal compliances of the company
  • Work with the payroll employees to provide the employee information
  • Communicate with external partners and investors
  • Manage new employee onboarding and orientation


Key requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree in HR or related field
  • 4+ years of experience as an HR Administrative Assistant, Administrator, Manager, or similar position
  • Knowledge of employment laws and regulations
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Understand HR software like HRMS, ATS, HRIS
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills


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