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Who is a Fundraiser?


A fundraiser tends to plan and oversee the campaigns that are conducted to raise money and various kinds of donations for a company. They are also responsible to make sure that the campaigns are conducted effectively by researching potential donors and by checking the records of those who have been a part of the fundraising event.


What does a Fundraiser do?


Fundraisers help the organizations meet their long and short financial goals depending on the requirements. They do this by finding individuals, corporations, and foundations who are willing to donate money for a specified cause. It is the main duty of a fundraiser to communicate the mission of an organization to external stakeholders and hence convince potential donors to donate to this cause.


Job brief


We are looking for an active fundraiser to raise funds for the organization. The fundraiser’s responsibilities will include the development of various fundraising programs, recruitment of sponsors and volunteers, and training them.


You will also be responsible to develop and maintain professional relationships. To be a successful fundraiser you must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills along with strong leadership skills while also performing under pressure.


Duties and Responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities of a fundraiser include the following:


  • Researching prospective donors
  • Usage of online platforms to raise donations
  • Evaluations of success of previously conducted fundraising campaigns
  • Training of volunteers concerning fundraising procedures and practices
  • Organization of events and campaigns to bring in more donations
  • Identification and contacting the potential donors
  • Creating a strong fundraising message that will bring in potential donors
  • Maintain records of donors and their information
  • Ensure that legal reporting requirements are being followed


Key Requirements


The key requirements of a fundraiser include the following:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Experience in a fundraising position
  • High school diploma or any other completed higher education conditions
  • Creativity and persuasion skills

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