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Final warning for behavioral misconduct mail

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It is a serious matter of concern when an employee disregards the employment policies stated and hence a warning regarding the misconduct must be provided. However even after a series of warnings, there has been no improvement, the HR manager will need to send over a Final warning for behavioral misconduct mail that will specify that warning as the final one. Post the final warning there will be disciplinary action will be taken against the employee. 


The HR professional will also be needed to be clear on the reason why this warning has been sent out. To be able to clearly state the reasons, one can utilize the following provided mail template. 




  • Final warning notice for behavioral misconduct


Template for Final warning for behavioral misconduct mail


Dear [employee name]


This mail shall serve as the final warning notice. This is based on the last discussion conducted on [date] regarding the repeated misconduct that has been observed.


You need to provide a proper explanation regarding the misconduct observed and we expect you to rectify the unethical behavior and be responsible for the work here on.


Otherwise, we will have no other option left than to suspend you from the work.


Consider this as the final warning and any further complaints will lead to strict actions being taken against you.




[your name]



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