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Experience Letter mail

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An experience letter mail also commonly known as the experience certificate is a mail sent by an employer to the employee to consider the period of employment that the employee has contributed to the company. This experience letter plays an important role when the candidate applies to a new company where proof of employment is needed. This letter can also be used at schools or colleges for getting recognition of employment. 




  • Experience letter


Template for Experience Letter mail


Dear [candidate name],


Do find the letter attached below with respect to your experience letter mail.


“To whomsoever, it may concern,


This is to certify that [candidate name] has worked as [job title] in our organization. [He/She] had joined our organization on [date of joining] and worked here until [end date].


As a [job title], [he/she] showcased sincere efforts and an excellent performance till the date [he/she] worked here. [He/She] has enhanced [himself/herself] with numerous skills and work experiences. [He/She] made extra efforts to understand the concepts involved in the role and diversify the use of the skills to make the role a successful one.


The overall experience of working with [him/her] has been a wonderful experience for us.


We wish [him/her] all the best for [his/her] future endeavors.




[your name]




Do let us know if you need any additional documents that you’d like to get along with the experience letter.


Wishing all the best for all your future works




[your name]



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