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Employee Verification Checklist

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What is the purpose of the employee verification checklist?


While hiring a new candidate a recruiter needs to be sure that the new candidate who is joining the organization is a qualified one. To ensure this it is important to keep an employee verification checklist. With the help of this checklist, it is possible to keep a note of various aspects that needs to be checked while going through the candidate’s profile. 


What are the points to keep in mind when verifying employee details?


1. Identity check

An identity check will involve validation of the candidate’s documents right from Aadhaar card, PAN card, and voter ID to even driving license and passport. There will also be proprietary technology used to verify the identity of the candidate by searching for the name, DOB, ID number, and father’s name along with the documents that are provided. For international candidates, however, there will be an additional step of passport verification. 


2. Employment check

An employment check will help recruiters to verify the candidate’s employment details. The claims provided by the candidate regarding their employment history is cross-checked with factual information along with the validity of their tenure at the company. This check is conducted digitally and if not available digitally the check will be conducted by reaching out to either the HR of the company or the supervisor of the candidate. 


3. Address check

With the help of an address check, recruiters can verify the candidate’s address digitally. The candidate is usually asked to either provide proof of address which will either be any of the government-issued documents such as an Aadhaar card, pan card, or a driving license. 


4. Professional reference check

The professional reference check will involve sending an automated voice command being sent to the references provided by the candidate to obtain necessary information regarding the candidate’s education and professional background. For freshers however will be done through personal references.  


5. Gap check

The gap check of a candidate will involve the screening of identified gaps between education, employment, and address details. The gap check will also be conducted at the address where the applicant has been staying during that period. If there is a screening needed to ascertain the gap then it can be included while conducting the gap check. Apart from this service recruiters can also opt for a criminal check or court checks. 


6. Medical license check

A medical license check will consist of checking the professional’s registered certificate provided by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The details provided will be the doctor’s name, registration year, registration number, and qualification. 

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