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Employee Termination Notice

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Termination of employees, though unpleasant, is one of the responsibilities of the company, and every employer has to go through this unpleasant task. Just like hiring, a company has the right to abolish the position of its employees for certain reasons. 


Nevertheless, a company can make a difference in the ways they approach their workers. Dealing with the situation in the right way is one and being considerate about their actions makes a huge impact on the message the company wants to convey. 


Here is an email template you can use for writing an employee termination mail or notice to end the employment of an employee for any given reason.


Subject: Employee Termination from [Company]






Dear [Employee Name],


We sincerely inform you that you will be dismissed from the position of [Title] of [Company Name] from [Date].


As you might be aware, [Company] is facing some challenges that we are up taking, we hope that you hold it in your capacity to understand. 


You will receive any severance pay amount made according to the organization's policies and will continue to receive the benefits until  [time end of the benefits].


In addition, any unpaid payments or refunds, including the final salary, will be sent within one week. You can collect checks from our office or we can send them to you.


The list of items that are to be received by you are:


  • [list of items]


I would also like to inform you that this layoff is a permanent one and that this layoff is not in any way dependent on your performance at [Company].


The company sincerely appreciates your contributions during your tenure. You can always contact us for recommendations for your future employer.


If you have any questions about the signed policy, compensation, profits, or return of company assets, please contact me. [Contact name, preferably someone from HR, with contact info].








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