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Employee Experience Mail

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An experienced mail/letter is provided to an employee when she/he leaves the company. It states the duration of experience they have had in the company and acts like certification of the work done by the employee.


Experience mails/letters are also known as Service certificates as it is an employee’s proof of work in the past company before moving on to a new company. It is one of the most valuable documents that an employee provides to a company before joining. It is an integral part of an employee’s work profile.


The contents of a work experience mail should contain the duration of employment, skills acquired, job titles, and other such important details.



Possible Subjects:

  • Experience Letter
  • Service certificate
  • Service letter
  • Work experience certificate


Template for Employee Experience:


To Whom It May Concern,


I hereby take great pleasure in confirming that [employee name] was employed at [company name] on [joining date] for the position of [job title]. She/He has been with our company for [duration] and was later promoted to [job title] on [date].


During her/his tenure with [company name], [employee name] has shown great dedication and perseverance to her/his duties and responsibilities. Her/his key responsibilities include [list responsibilities]. During her/his time here, she/he also achieved the following:


  • [List of achievements]


She/he has always maintained an exemplary attitude towards her job and we are grateful for her contributions to our company. She/He has been very courteous and professional towards other employees and has been a great asset to our team. 


During her/his time here, she/he has never shown any negative behavior towards anyone. The decision of termination was solely dependent on her/his own choice and [company name] wishes her/him all the best for her/his future endeavors. 


Feel free to contact me for any other information. 








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