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According to research by Glassdoor, Employee Retention can be improved by 82% by investing time in a great employee onboarding program. This also increases the productivity levels of the employee by 70%.

The means by which your company welcomes new employees shows how much you value your employees. It also gives an opportunity to the present employees of the company to get a chance of interacting with the new hire.


An employee announcement mail should begin with a congratulatory note, followed by a brief introduction of the new employee highlighting why she is a perfect fit for the company. This mail will also serve as an icebreaker between the current employees of the company and the new employee. It should encourage other members to welcome the new employee.


Possible Subjects:

  • Congratulations, [employee name]!
  • Welcome to the team, [employee name]!
  • Welcoming [employee name] to our team!
  • Congratulating [employee name]!
  • Introducing [employee name]


Template for Employee Announcement:


Hello everyone!


Let’s welcome the newest member of our team, [employee name]. Congratulations to her again!


[employee name] will be joining our team from [date] as a [position title] in the department [department name]. 


[employee name] has been working in the industry for [duration of time] and has worked with companies like [company names]. [She/He] will be actively participating in the onboarding process for the first couple of days. You can go ahead and welcome [her/him] by introducing yourself, mentioning your title, and how you can be of her help.


Apart from work, [employee name] also likes to [hobby]. So, if anyone among us is interested in it, you can reach out to [her/him]. 


I will be attaching [her/his] contact details and a picture of [her/him] for your convenience. I hope you all give her a warm welcome.


Best Regards,




[Contact Details]

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