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Education Background Verification Check

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An education background verification check will help recruiters confirm the education, degree, training, and certification claims of the candidate who has applied for a position with the organization. This also helps identify if there are any potential discrepancies before you decide to hire the candidate. Sometimes also referred to as an education check, this service will help recruiters to confirm all about the educational experience of the candidate right from high school, universities, colleges, and vocational schools.


How does an education background verification help?

With the help of an education background verification the following benefits can be attained:

  • Hiring qualified and educated candidates more quickly
  • Complying with the federal, state, local, and industry regulations that are set
  • Mitigating the risks of hiring a candidate with erroneous information
  • Protecting your organization against various liability claims. 


What does the education background verification check cover?

The following credentials can be checked with the help of an education background verification check:

  • Enrollment
  • Types of degrees attained
  • Graduation date
  • Major completion status
  • Dates of attendance

Apart from the above credentials, it is possible to cross-check for various licenses such as:

  • Accountant, CPA, and attorney license verification
  • Plumbing, electrician, and land survey license verification
  • Counselor and teacher license verification
  • Healthcare license verification
  • Cosmetologist and massage therapist 

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