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Drug and Health Background Verification Check

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The pre-employment screening will consist of a drug and health background verification check which includes occupational health tests and controlled substance checks to determine the fitness and eligibility of a candidate for that particular position. The pre-employment screening will also include clinical or traditional drug screenings, occupational health screening, and onsite drug screening.


Why is understanding the health of a candidate important?


Workplace Safety

Drug and health background verification check can ensure that a candidate will be eligible to perform certain roles and responsibilities assigned to them. Industries such as healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing include mandatory drug testing to stay compliant and reduce any sort of accident or injury.


Compliance Standards

When hiring in an organization it is essential to safeguard the business and get a trustable candidate to entrust the job. With the help of physical and drug screens, it is possible to find a trustable partner for your organization. 


Various types of drug and health checks


Urine, hair, and oral fluid testing

Urine testing will allow for better drug testing along with an extensive panel option being scanned through. Hair testing will uncover any sort of habitual drug use by the candidate which may not be detected through urine or blood tests. Oral fluid testing will also help to conduct spot checks for illegal drugs. 


Health Service Solutions

Candidates will be supposed to undergo mandatory health checkups including physical tests, tuberculosis checks, nicotine testing, titers, chest X-ray, vaccinations, audiograms, respiratory testing, and vision screening. 


DOT-approved drug testing and medical services

For drivers and transportation teams such DOT-approved tests will be quite important. These DOT-approved tests will consist of drug tests and random post-accident or reasonable suspicion drug screening along with breath alcohol testing. 

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