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Contractual To Full-time Offer Mail

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The part-time to full-time offer letter template should be motivational and inspirational so that employees should bring more zeal to work with extra dedication and happiness towards the company. The letter should assure future possibilities of more achievements for the employee and must be congratulated for the present achievement.




Dear (employee name),


I (your name) am pleased to inform and congratulate you on a  positive decision about your employment status. The team has decided to extend you the status of employment from part-time to full-time. We are very much content with your performance and dedication to the tasks assigned to you. 


Hence we are here to provide you with the opportunity to work with our team as a full-time employee. The salary structure and other benefits will be surely provided to you as per the company policy for the post of [job title].


Please find the attachments regarding the revised salary structure and revised job description. 


Please provide your confirmation as soon as possible. We are looking forward to working with you ahead.



[Your name]



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