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Company Policies and Procedures

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As a member of any organization, you need to follow policies and procedures as these serve as the guidelines in defining its existence in terms of structure, compliances


 and the sphere within which the mission and vision are to be met. You can use a policy and procedure template to make decisions and provide a framework for the organization’s activities. Policies and procedures help a company with compliance and can give structure for meeting and dealing with challenges or problems.


Here is a template of company policies and procedures that will help you cover all the necessities:


Policy for Use of Software




This policy provides guidelines for the use of software for all employees within the business to ensure that all software use is appropriate. Under this policy, the use of all open source and freeware software will be conducted under the same procedures outlined for commercial software.




  • Software Licensing 
  • Describe guidelines for licensing use.
  • Software Installation
  • Describe who is responsible for the installation and registration of the software.


Software Usage 


Describe the limits of software use and what is considered inappropriate use. If employees are prohibited from installing their software on work equipment, explain this here. 


Breach of Policy


Describe any actions and consequences for breach of software policy.


Bring Your Device (BYOD) Policy




Describe your policy guidelines for the use of personally owned notebooks, smartphones, tablets for company purposes. 




Current mobile devices approved for company business use

List the personally owned mobile devices that are approved for company use:

  • Add the type, make, and model of the approved device.
  • Add the type, make, and model of the approved device.




Detail the registration process for personal devices.

The list approved business purposes. 

Examples include business email messages, business calls, and approved product apps.

  • Purpose 1
  • Purpose 2
  • Purpose 3


Describe conditions for using personal devices for business purposes. Conditions may include not transmitting sensitive information, ensuring information is backed up on another device, guarding the device against compromise in public places and on public Wi-Fi systems, and not allowing unauthorized individuals to use the device.




Describe the extent of company control and rights to intellectual property and data created on the device. For example, your company may assert its right to own all intellectual property created on the device and to delete data if the device is ever stolen or when the employee is terminated for whatever reason. Consult your CIO and legal counsel for more information. 


Information Technology Security Policy




Describe the aim of the security policy as it applies to IT assets and resources.




Physical Security


Detail environmental and physical security measures.


Information Security


Describe backup, password protection, authorization, and other measures for information security. Use a table to list individuals and security responsibilities. 


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