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Company Initiatives During Covid-19

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As the Covid-19 pandemic strikes various aspects of people's livelihood, we make it our topmost priority to ensure the health and safety of our employees by providing them with all the opportunities of working from home. 


Here is a mail template for company initiatives during Covid-19  that you can use to spread courage amongst your employees. 


Subject: Company Initiatives During Covid-19




Greetings from [Company Name], 


My team and I reach out to you with regard to your well-being and safety that is essential for us.


In addition, we are practicing and enforcing best practices for social distancing and self-isolation in the midst of Covid-19. 


  • Communication

We consider having team calls regularly, briefing people on the status, and giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences and issues through various messaging and virtual tools.


  • Responsiveness

Remote working is not the same as working in an office environment. The company establishes clear guidelines of how quickly a remote worker is expected to respond to a request depending on the communication type: email, Slack, calendar invites, etc.


  • Reporting

Team leaders need to implement procedures that help determine whether the remote workers are getting the job done: mandatory group meetings, team collaboration, daily/ weekly/monthly reports.


  • Health and safety

Keep yourself healthy by following Covid-19 measures and guidelines and. Make sure to exercise and eat well amidst working to maintain strong immunity. To know more on how to maintain a work-life balance, read our company guidelines to work from home[attach work from home guidelines].


  • Tech support

In order to communicate efficiently, we provide our remote workers by Guiding their timely work and providing accessibility to efficient work from home channels ensuring to help and understand the employees' work from home situation. 


  • Socialization

Bringing remote workers together, particularly virtually, might be a different experience for the entire team. All the members of the company have learned to connect and most importantly, help others connect socially. Make sure to play your role too.


Unfortunately, there's no telling when matters will be back to normal, in any sense. 


Rest confident that we are doing the best in our hands to keep you precocious and assist in flattening the curve. 




[Your Name]


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