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Candidate Outreach with JD Mail

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Reaching out to candidates with Job descriptions can now be easier with candidate outreach with the JD mail template. This template will allow recruiters to customize it in order to reach out to the type of candidate they would like to get onboard.


Candidate Outreach with JD mail will also specify everything that the candidate needs to know about the position while also letting them know how they can go ahead with the application.


Subject: Outreaching for a new opportunity




Dear [candidate name],


I am a recruiter working at [company name] and I am looking for a candidate to apply for our new opening. While going through your resume, we have noticed that your work at the previous [company name] indicated a great versatility of experience.


Moreover, your command over the job and its details give a much-experienced view that we seek. I think this would also be a great opportunity for you to get to know more dimensions in this field.


Here is what you will do while working in this role:


[role descriptions based on requirement]


Would you like to discuss this further? If yes, we would like to schedule a quick call regarding the same.


Looking forward to your reply.






[Your name]



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