How does it work?

TurboHire combines the power of Natural Language Processing and Data science to give a human-like AI to Recruiters

Resume are unstructured

Resumes are unstrucrured piece of documents making it hard to search, filter and manage.

Fact – Organizations receive on an average 150,000 resume every year and 80% of them are not even opened

Smart Cards

TurboHire converts the resumes into structured smart card like a Linkedin profile. These smarts cards are AI-enhanced to give true power in the hands of recruiters

"People don't buy AI, they buy the outcomes it drives"

TurboHire is built on the deep domain experience of professionals who have seen the world of Talent Acquisition.

Data Extraction

Given a resume or Job Description, TurboHire builds a strucured candidate card

Data Enrichment

Using contextual knowledge, then the information is standardized

Entity Upliftment

The standard profile are further enhanced using real-world datasets optimized for recruiting


Finally, this information is utilized for evidence based scoring and recommendation

Convert Resumes into LinkedIn-like Profile

Data Extraction

TurboHire AI reads CVs and JD like a human-being and converts them into a smart card around Who did, What, Where, How and How Long? paradigm

Move beyond keywords

Data Enrichment

Then, TurboHire utilizes the real-world information to standardize it. For e.g., if you search for IITB in resume it would understand that IITB is same as IIT Bombay is same as Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and 27 different ways of writing IITB.

Top College, Similar Company, Relevant Experience

Entity Upliftment

After standardization, TurboHire enhances the meaning by using contextual datasets on education, companies, and skills to make you a sense of information. E.g. SVNIT is a Top College, Gokuldas is in the textile industry, Kafka is a Machine Learning Skill

Get the best candidates for a Job


Once the AI enhanced profile is available, Turbohire engine allows recruiters to find best candidates for jobs and best jobs for a given candidate.

Three products built on the intelligence

Talent Acquisition Platform

Intelligent recruiting put into a meticulously crafted workflow for end to end Talent Acquisition, basically your ATS on Steroids

Talent Discovery Platform

Convert your candidate database into a linkedin-like network to save cost & time while building a great candidate brand

Talent Intelligence

Utilize the intelligence into your own HRMS or Job Boards for Resume Parsing and AI Based Recommendations

Enough Talk, Let us get you started with intelligent recruiting