Efficiency Improvement Metrics

TurboHire is a AI based intelligent recruitment platform. The Platform has a host of features that provides significant improvement in important recruitment metrics like Time-to-hire, Cost-to-hire and Quality of hire.

Improve the way you Hire

What to expect from TurboHire recruiting


Reduction in Time to Hire


Reduction in Cost to Hire


Increase in Quality to Hire

Quality Hiring

In less Time and Cost

How Our Features help you in Every stage of recruitment

Improvements In job posting stage with TurboHire Features


Reduced Time to Source 


Reduced cost to Source 


Improved Sourcing Quality

Single Click Multiple Job Post on premium job boards and social media platforms which contributes quality candidates with zero cost.
Candidate Retargeting Using the existing candidates database for retargeting a job, cost of posting a job and the time cost of recruiter will be saved

Improvements In Screening stage with TurboHire Features


Reduced screening time


Reduced screening Cost


Improved  Candidate Quality

AI Resume Parsing engine Convert resumes to Smart Cards. And with AI filters Recruiter can search required candidate within no time .
Behavioural Insight and Social Profile mining Analyzing candidates behavior and social profiles to get better insight will result in fewer but quality candidates

Improvements In Interview Stage with TurboHire Features


Reduced Interview Time 


Reduced Interview Cost


Improved Hiring Quality 

Integrated Audio/Video Interview platform, the candidates Interview scheduling can be done easily with a click of button, making communication and syncing hassle free.
Asynchronous mode TH platform has Asynchronous mode for video interview platform which saves time of the hiring manager

Improvements In Decision stage with Turbohire Features


Reduced Decision Time


Reduced Decision Cost


Improved Candidate Quality

Live Sharing of Candidates list Recruiter can share live lists to HR’s through mail or WhatsApp built within the platform saving Time and Cost
Behavioural Insight, has replaced psychometric test in TH platform is less exensive and provides reliable results adds to the cost saver

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