Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Spectrum - Customer Story - TurboHire

How TurboHire Fueled Talent Discovery For Volume Hiring

A solution to automating a 1.5 lakh candidate database, further reducing the cost of recruitment.

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There was a need for an effective Talent Discovery Platform that can organize Spectrum’s huge resume database to ease up the process of candidate sorting and recruiting.


Using TurboHire’s API service, Monocept was able to overlay real-world information on top of resume data and make better decisions about talent.


Spectrum Consultants India Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore-based boutique Talent Acquisition / Staffing organization in the 25th year of their operations with a clientele that includes marquee names from Fortune 50 IT companies. Set up in 1995, Spectrum Consultancy is at the cutting edge of offering some incentive-included solutions for perpetual and contract staffing necessities.

Spectrum Consultancy is known for their in-depth knowledge and expertise about the industry, well-established networks, and enduring connections. As a company, they endeavor to be the best and create solutions for each customer.

They offer a number of services such as:
  • Perpetual Staffing includes Executive Search, Talent Mapping, Campus Hiring, Contingent Hiring, and Outplacement. Their ability in hiring qualified, proficient, and talented workers are spread over a wide scope of particular spaces like Semiconductor, Storage, Data Analytics, AI/ML, Enterprise Application Development and Telecom and Datacom Technologies.
  • Contract Staffing services that include Sourcing Assistance, Induction Support, Contract Staffing and Administration, Payroll Outsourcing, Expat Relocation, and Process Outsourcing.
  • Campus Recruitment that includes Pre-campus, On-campus, Post-campus, and Off-campus activities.

Challenges Faced By Spectrum Consultants

Spectrum Consultants with its 25 years in the industry has seen many new technologies start-up appear and disappear.
  • With a good platform for their recruitment processes management, Spectrum team was looking for intelligent tools that can help them give a competitive advantage.
  • Given a Resume Database of 1.5 Lakh candidates specializing in the Semiconductor domain, Spectrum wanted to monetize the efforts spent in building their candidate network.
  • Search mechanisms for historically built, quality candidate databases were not efficient.
What the company was missing is an effective Talent Discovery Platform that can organize the company’s huge resume database, indulge in all the new advancements to ease up the process of candidate sorting and recruiting. The company needed technologically advanced tools that could bring them to the same level as their competitors. This is where TurboHire comes into the picture.

"TurboHire has built an effective searchable database on top of the resumes received by Spectrum over the years. This has helped us utilize our older database, thereby helping us respond faster to the clients with good quality resumes."

COO, Spectrum Consultants

How TurboHire Helped?

TurboHire offered an AI-fueled Talent Discovery Platform which uses the intensity of Automation, Natural Language Processing, and Elastic Search to smooth out the recruitment process end to end.

Spectrum Consultants has a huge database of resumes in the Semiconductor domain. Going through 1.5 lakh candidate resumes is an impossible job. Hence, the company turned to an AI-based Talent Discovery Platform to ease out the job of their recruiters and also to reduce the cost of recruitment.
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How did it work?

  • TurboHire converted the static, unstructured resume banks into LinkedIn like structured, query-able Candidate Profiles. This candidate network was periodically refreshed utilizing automation and data mining from social clouds.
  • TurboHire helps the company choose the best candidates with Meta Driven Recommendation Engine with every candidate’s Score Generation.
  • Further, utilizing the AI for candidate scoring, the recruiters were able to find good candidates in their own database.

Favorite Features Of TurboHire, According to Spectrum Consultant

  • User-friendly Profile Creation from Resume Databases
  • Resume Refresh Functionality
  • AI for Candidate Scoring
What impressed the company most was the implementation of always fresh, LinkedIn-like profiles. The recruiters found a new source of candidate search powered by AI – their own Resume Database.
  • This not just ensured the quality of candidates but also reduced time in searching for candidates.
  • This altogether proved to be a very cost-saving process as it reduces the workload on recruiters and hiring managers.
  • This process ensured that the best candidates were hired which in turn built better relationships with the newly recruited candidates.


  • It has been observed that the time required to hire candidate has significantly decreased.
  • As hiring is now done with the help of advanced technological tools, the cost of hiring has decreased too.
  • AI-based tools can definitely sort out better candidates as compared to human-based searching, hence the quality of hiring has increased efficiency.
  • There is a notable improvement in the efficiency of interviews.
  • The velocity with which hiring takes place has improved.

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