Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Helped Scale Efficiently With Centralized Candidate Database 

TurboHire helped Monocept create an intuitive interface for ease in candidate interactions and data curation.

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Monocept in its growth stage wanted to centralize its resumes coming in from websites, recruitment partners, job boards, referrals, and such.


Using TurboHire’s API service, Monocept was able to overlay real-world information on top of resume data and make better decisions about talent.


Monocept is a Mobile, Cloud, and Web development company. It is a Hyderabad, India based Software Development Company, framed with the goal of tackling complex issues and conveying engineering greatness by the method of creating astounding Software Applications.

Monocept represents peculiarity and focus, represented by one while the issue is represented by the variable X which passes on that they are continually hoping to discover and take care of issues. The name likewise characterizes their inside culture where each worker centers around finding and tackling solutions for X. From their workplaces spread across Hyderabad, Gurugram, Mumbai, and New York, they are tackling probably the most complexes of the issues for their media, insurance, and e-commerce customers.

They offer an amazing open work culture and career developing opportunities to all of their employees in a dynamic, developing environment.

The clientele scenario of Monocept ranges from Financial Services and Insurance to Media and Internet business. The organization handles reputed worldwide clients as well as national clients. Among its tremendous rundown of customer bases, Reckitt Benckiser, The Weather Channel, ICICI Lombard, Maxlife Insurance, and Religare Health Insurance are not many to name.

Challenges Faced by Monocept

Since the time of the organization's introduction, Monocept has gained notoriety for conveying superb answers for organizations from over the world. Subsequently, it's normal for an IT organization like Monocept to develop quickly and plan to extend its viewpoints considerably further. However, a factor that has the most extreme significance in the advancement of an organization – a decent Talent Intelligence API – was inadequate in Monocept.
  • A platform for recruiting which understand the recruiters rather than making them do tedious tasks
  • A lot of profiles received by AuthBridge needed to be screened better.
  • Hiring usually involves reporting and AuthBridge required a rich set of reporting which is usually not offered by ATS systems

"Best AI-based recruitment tool. TurboHire solves the three most critical parts of recruitments like Sourcing, Screening and Candidate Engagement"

Strategic HR Partner, Monocept

How TurboHire Helped?

  • TurboHire provided various APIs as a service to help build intelligent solutions. Using these APIs, Monocept was able to overlay real-world information on top of resume data and make better decisions about talent.
  • TurboHire with its customizable workflow and low-touch set-up centralized the candidate database of Monocept.
  • Utilizing 1-touch job marketing, Vishak and his team were able to get candidates from all major job boards.
  • Recruiters from their company further love the simple and intuitive interface of the product that has a low learning curve and easy mechanism for candidate interactions and data curation.


decrease in Cost-per-Hire


days improvement in


hired in 60 days

How did it work?

  • Given a resume in any shape or form, TurboHire converts them into structured Candidate Cards to make the process of going through a candidate’s details short and specific.
  • It then contextualizes it with the most important characteristics like Education and Company Datasets.
  • Further skill matching is done by deducing the specific and required candidate capabilities from the resume. The required skills can be company-specific. This helps to look for skill-specific resumes.
  • TurboHire helps the company choose the best candidates with Meta Driven Recommendation Engine with every candidate’s Score Generation.

Favorite Features Of TurboHire, According To Monocept

  • AI-Based Candidate Search
  • 1-click Job Marketing to multiple job platforms
  • Interview and Evaluation Reports and Customization


  • Using TurboHire, Monocept was able to reduce the cost of hiring by 70%.
  • Improve the time-to-hire from 30 days to 15 days.
  • Rich reporting further helped in understanding the bottleneck in the recruiting activities.
  • Monocept utilized TurboHire to grow their team by 50 people within 2 months.

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