Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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An API Solution Too Good For Recruiting Automation

TurboHire’s API extracted 50+ intelligent fields from each resume for Kleeto, further providing smooth integration with their existing systems.



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Employee Strength


There was no cross-check on candidates’ resumes at the early stage of recruitment and information submitted at the time of onboarding.


TurboHire converted a huge candidate database into structured Candidate Cards and helped the company choose the best candidates with Meta Driven Recommendation Engine.


Driven by Sunil Mahajan Kleeto significantly works from its base from Gurgaon working for 100+ MNCs and Fortune 500 organizations, Kleeto is an Intelligent Document Management Company, where it measures physical and digital documents for its corporate clients to make every single document intelligent. Each record/document is only a click away to access from their system. They handle documents from HR, Finance, CRM functions, Legal, procurement.

Kleeto runs document management through a modern cycle (archived as SOP for every client) and subsequent to handling, documents are facilitated on a sophisticated and refined DMS (Document Management System) solution, which gives Automated Compliance generation, MIS report creation and automation measures, from their platform itself. They are following a constantly developing cycle and advancing DMS arrangement, based on client input.

They vary themselves from the competitors' race, as having sophisticated arrangements and with the vision which makes their clients' future safe.

Kleeto has consistently treated all partners with a "fair value principle" regardless of whether these are employees, clients, or merchants.

Challenges Faced by Kleeto

Document Management Software in India is a serious market, a straightforward Google search shows results with 40–50 organizations offering Document Management Services in India. Kleeto being the solitary organization to help total computerized digital file generation framework deal with big business' reports with an ideal mix of electronic cabinets and human-driven intelligence which extemporize the group's efficiency, business income, and workflow. Their foundation and administrations are among the most searched after in their specialty.

Being the only company in the country to provide complete digitized documentation, they require an ample number of employees to fulfill their needs. Hence, being such a sought after organization, Kleeto is bound to have an abundant income of new applicants for open spots. This in turn calls in for organized and easy recruitment of the incoming huge pool of candidates.
Some of the specific problems faced during recruitment by Kleeto:
  • During the candidate onboarding, organizations want to pre-fill the information that is already available in the candidate resume.
  • Manually filling in the information is a tedious task.
  • There is no cross-check on resumes submitted by candidates at the early stage of recruitment and information submitted at the time of onboarding.

"TurboHire is better than state-of-the-art in resume parsing and extracts many more intelligent fields from a resume"

CEO, Kleeto

How TurboHire Helped?

The product that Kleeto used was the Talent Intelligent API. A Talent Intelligence API is based on an AI-based structure and gives solutions for hiring, engaging candidates, and career advancement, to give some examples. The AI at the center of a talent intelligence API gives companies and clients a sophisticated solution that can learn, customize, and improve for the organization's explicit talent necessities. Talent Intelligence solutions remember features to center for hiring, managing talents, or both.

Artificial intelligence corporations permit organizations, HR workforce, and hiring representatives the same to additionally characterize the solutions dependent on their business' needs.


intelligent fields extracted from a resume via TurboHire’s API

How did it work?

  • TurboHire Talent Intelligence API extracted 50+ intelligent fields from a resume.
  • TurboHire also provided integration with their existing systems in a seamless manner.
  • The API was further compliant with GDPR compliances and also met the required SLAs.

Favorite Features Of TurboHire, According To Kleeto

1. Resume Parsing using NLP
  • Structured data from resume
  • User Email, Name, Phone number
  • Work history extraction
  • Skill extraction
  • Skill category extraction
2. Advanced Candidate Field Extraction
  • Competency details about the candidates
  • Information about the company type, company industry
  • Stream of education, college tier for candidates
  • Social profiles of candidates


  • TurboHire converted the huge pool of resumes into Structured Candidate Cards, regardless of the shape and form of the resume.
  • These Candidate Cards are further contextualized with regards to Education and Company Datasets.
  • Company-specific skill matching is done by deducing the required skills and capabilities from the resume.
  • TurboHire helps the company choose the best candidates with Meta Driven Recommendation Engine with every candidate’s Score Generation.

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