Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Creating Seamless Recruitment Automation For Authbridge

A case study of how we helped a FinTech organization with 750+ employees looks for contactless onboarding through automation.

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Manual data-entry and ineffective search made recruiters fall back to job-boards for new candidates. For better screening, the recruitment process had to be automated.


Tracking the progress in the recruitment process and setting up Hiring templates. There was also easier scheduling of interviews between candidates and interviewers, further improving Interview efficiency & Hiring Velocity.


AuthBridge delivers contactless onboarding and remote authentication through automation. Over 1500+ clients across 30+ sectors, including Fortune 500 and Indian unicorns, rely on AuthBridge’s sophisticated authentication products. These AI/ML-powered products are supported by the largest proprietary identity, education, and criminal databases in the country. Led by an experienced management team, AuthBridge has conducted over 10 million verification checks since its inception in 2005. AuthBridge is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliance for information security.

AuthBridge began with the acknowledgment of the desperate need for background verification administrations when the Indian market didn't have the proper framework to satisfy this hole. From developing, procedures to building up principles and best practices-AuthBridge manufactured this industry in India from the scratch. Their underlying tasks were totally manual and required a great deal of administrative work. They took their first step towards innovation when they fabricated, Bridge, an online framework that prompted assembly-line-like treatment of their activities and operations, empowering productivity, speed, and versatility for the treatment of verification cases.

With more than 750 employees, having delivery capabilities in 140 countries in the industry of HRTech and FinTech, AuthBridge is driving a verification innovation organization that empowers trust. Their products and platforms convey consistent onboarding and quick verification of people and organizations, for various ranges of businesses.

Challenges Faced by Authbridge

A recruiter’s task is part detective and part sales jobs. During the recruiting process, tools are making the recruiters add a lot of information layers for reporting but not being able to track the progress in the right way. Additionally, manual data-entry and ineffective search made recruiters fall back to job-boards for new candidates. Here are the challenges faced by Authbridge during their recruiting process:
  • A platform for recruiting which understand the recruiters rather than making them do tedious tasks
  • A lot of profiles received by AuthBridge needed to be screened better.
  • Hiring usually involves reporting and AuthBridge required a rich set of reporting which is usually not offered by ATS systems

"TurboHire is an intelligent recruiting tool that adds immense firepower to the recruiter’s daily workflows and optimizes the efforts of hiring managers with custom reporting."

COO, Authbridge

How TurboHire Helped?

TurboHire Talent Acquisition Platform offered a seamless yet configurable workflow for the entire recruitment team with the ability to add the right kind of permissions for various stakeholders. Here’s how TurboHire helped Authbridge:
  • The custom reporting built in the form enabled tracking the right kind of activity during the recruiting funnel.
  • The video interviewing experience was a cherry on the top.
  • TurboHire acts as an Intelligent Assistant for recruiters that has a human lens for screening candidates.
  • TurboHire can read CVs or resumes while respecting a candidate’s choice of the style or format of the CV or resume.
  • The platform helped Authbridge generate 4X effectiveness of their talent decisions.
  • Within a matter of minutes, TurboHire’s proprietary algorithm enhances the meaning of the information provided in the resume by contextualizing it for the company’s needs.
  • Using a Who did, What, Where, When, How Long Paradigm, TurboHire gives the company highly readable, important candidate information as queryable CV cards.
  • TurboHire helps the company choose the best candidates with Meta Driven Recommendation Engine with every candidate’s Score Generation.


reduction in Talent Discovery & Analysis


reduction in recruitment operational costs


generation in effectiveness of talent decisions

How did it work?

90% of efforts given by the company is reduced for talent discovery and analysis by:
  • Contextualizing past experience
  • Simplifying educational background
  • Establishing true competency
  • Assessing relevant skills
  • Tools to understand personality
TurboHire provided a seamless workflow that is adaptable and infused with intelligence at various steps for candidate screening, interviewing, and more. Using the platform AuthBridge was able to generate streamlined workflows across the entire candidate lifecycle.

Favorite Features Of TurboHire, According To Authbridge

  • Self-serve workflows for templatization of information collection
  • Custom Report Building Functionality
  • One-click job marketing to multiple job boards
  • AI-based candidate matching to jobs


With TurboHire, AuthBridge was facilitated with a self-serving configurable workflow and a custom report building functionality. The task was further made easier with the one-way video interview. These were the results delivered for Authbridge:
  • With structured and AI-enhanced candidate cards, the company reduced 80% of recruitment operational costs.
  • Tracking the progress in the recruitment process.
  • Setting up templates for the hiring process.
  • No hassles of manually adding candidates.
  • Easier scheduling of (video) interviews between candidates and interviewers.
  • Improvement in Interview Efficiency
  • Improvement in Hiring Velocity

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