Vitasta Consulting is a diversified HR services company that has been successfully providing high-quality services for nearly two decades to various industries across India.

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  • Recruiters find it hard to manage their recruitment workflow which involves manual entries
  • Candidate management and communication at scale is a problem in existing workflows

Favorite Feature

  • Resume Parsing using NLP
  • Drag and drop based candidate workflow
  • Bulk communication with candidates

Having spent 25+ years in industry, we needed a tool that can guide recruiters at various steps. TurboHire is the best effort in the right direction in the entire market

Pradeep DharVitasta

Challenges Faced by Vitasta

Vitasta consulting has tried and tested various platforms during it’s long run in the industry but had been disappointed in all cases. The biggest challenge is retraining of recruiters on the 8-stage proprietary recruitment process of Vitasta consulting.

Resolutions by Turbohire

Using Turbohire the leadership team was able to give recruiters a super powerful tool for helping them with recruiting at the same time ensuring that the structured processes are followed. Moreover, by mapping together all source of candidate they centralized their resume repository

Impact on Recruitment

Vitasta believes to have improved the process compliances by 3X which would results in faster time to filling a client mandate. Further TurboHire has improved the recruiter productivity by 40%.

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