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The India Jobs

TheIndiaJobs, is a rapidly growing online recruitment organization of India. It has come into being with a vision to provide excellent platform to both job seekers and the employers.

Product Used

TurboHire Intelligent API


Staffing & Recruiting

Employee Strength



  • During candidate onboarding candidate needs to fill structured information again
  • Candidates needs to match with jobs algorithmically

Favorite Feature

  • Resume Parsing using NLP
  • Intelligent competency engine for matching resumes to jobs

TurboHire resume parser is the new way to convert unstructured data into structured data and also allow for intelligent job and resume matching.

SunilThe India Jobs

Challenges Faced by The India Jobs

During the candidate job search, the company wanted to provide a seamless experience by automatically extracting structed data with great accuracy and also allowing for JD and Resume Matching.

Resolutions by Turbohire

TurboHire Talent Intelligence API provided the resume to structured profile conversion which integrates seamlessly in the candidate workflow of TheIndiaJobs. The additional fields provided by API like competency score, relevancy score were instrumental in Candidate-Job matching.



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