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Spectrum Consultants

Spectrum Consultants India Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based boutique Talent Acquisition / Staffing organisation - in 25th year of their operations with a clientele that include
marquee names from Fortune 50 IT companies.

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  • Search mechanism for historically built, Quality candidate database was not efficient.

Favorite Feature

  • User friendly Profile Creation from Resume Databases
  • Resume Refresh Functionality
  • AI for Candidate Scoring

TurboHire has built an effective searchable database on top of the resumes received by Spectrum over the years. This has helped us utilise our older database , thereby helping us respond faster to the clients with good quality resumes.

Preeti ShahSpectrum Consultants

Challenges Faced by Spectrum Consultants

Spectrum Consulting with it’s 25 years in industry has seen many new technologies start-up appear and disappear. With a good platform for their recruitment processes management, Spectrum team was looking for intelligent tools that can help them give a competitive advantage.

Given a Resume Database of 1.5 Lakh candidates specialized in Semi-conductor domain, Spectrum wanted to monetize the efforts spent in building their candidate network.

Resolutions by Turbohire

TurboHire converted the static, unstructured resume banks into LinkedIn like structured, query-able Candidate Profiles. This candidate network was periodically refreshed utilizing automation and data mining from social clouds.

Further, utilizing the AI for candidate scoring the recruiters were able to find good candidates in their own database.

Impact on Recruitment

With the implementation of always fresh, LinkedIn-like profiles the recruiters found a new source of candidate search powered by AI – their own Resume Database. This not just ensured quality of candidates but also reduced time in searching for candidates, saving cost and building relationships with candidates.

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