Talent Acquisition Platform


Pelatro, Plc is headquartered in London, UK and listed in LSE, with offices in the US, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia and Global Development Centres in India, Russia and the Philippines. Pelatro was founded with a vision to create world-leading software solutions for Telecom Marketing.

Product Used

Talent Acquisition Platform



Employee Strength



  • Recruitment involved multiple stakeholders to be managed for interviews, screening and shortlisting
  • Manual data entry of resumes was a tedious activity being done by recruiters

Favorite Feature

  • Intelligent Resume Parsing for Smart card generation
  • Video Interviewing with integrated code-editor functionality

TurboHire is Turbo tool for all your recruitment requirements
Seamless Scheduling of interviews Live Tracking of candidates at every interview stage Pulling out data at ease Sourcing and screening


Challenges Faced by Pelatro

SaaS tools are usually designed for reporting and not for stakeholder management. Even with an HRMS tool Pelatro wanted a tool for effective stakeholder alignment on interviewing and communication with candidates.

Resolutions by Turbohire

TurboHire served as an intelligent layer on the recruiting workflow of Pelatro adding efficiency in candidate search, internal communication for stakeholder management and also for live candidate interviews with code-editor functionality.

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