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Monocept is an enterprise Mobile, Cloud and Web development company.


Numbers of Jobs/Month

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Employee Strength


  • ATS platforms make recruiter do additional work rather than helping the recruiters
  • Interview scheduling and tracking has been a challenge

Favorite Feature

  • AI Based Candidate Search
  • 1-click Job Marketing to multiple job platforms
  • Interview and Evaluation Reports and Customization

“Best AI based recruitment tool” – TurboHire solves the three most critical parts of recruitments like Sourcing, Screening and Candidate Engagement

Vishak PrasadMonocept

Challenges Faced by Monocept

Monocept in its growth stage wanted to centralize their resumes coming in from website, recruitment partners, job-boards, referrals and such. They further faced a lot of challenge in driving their recruiters to use their old talent platform that was disliked by their recruiters.

Resolutions by Turbohire

Turbohire with its customizable workflow and low-touch set-up centralized the candidate database of Monocept. Utilizing the 1-touch job marketing, Vishak and team were able to get candidates from all major job-boards.

Recruiters further love the simple and intuitive interface of the product that has low learning curve and easy mechanism for candidate interactions and data curation.

Impact on Recruitment

Using TurboHire, Monocept was able to reduce the cost in hiring by 70% and improve the time-to-hire from 30 days to 15 days.
Rich reporting further helped in understanding the bottleneck in the recruiting activities

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