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As an end-to-end document management solution, Kleeto helps organizations take the giant leap from paper to digital by converting physical and digital documents into intelligent, new-edge digital formats.


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125+ Enterprises

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  • During on-boarding candidate needs to fill structured information again
  • There is no cross check on resume submitted by candidate at early stage of recruitment and information submitted at the time of on-boarding

Favorite Feature

  • Resume Parsing using NLP
  • Advanced Candidate Field Extraction

TurboHire is a better than state-of-the-art in resume parsing and extracts many more intelligent fields from a resume

Sunil MahajanKleeto

Challenges Faced by Kleeto

During the candidate onboarding, organizations wants to pre-fill the information that are already available in the candidate resume. Manually filling the information is a tedious task.

Resolutions by Turbohire

TurboHire Talent Intelligence API not only extracted 50+ intelligent fields from a resume but also provided an integration with their existing systems in a seamless manner. The API is further complaint with GDPR compliances and also meets the required SLAs

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