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Hanu Software

Hanu, A Microsoft Partner for over 20 years, a Tier I CSP Partner and an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider exclusively dedicated to Azure migration and integration, Hanu supports enterprises with unequalled intelligence and expertise providing Managed Transformation, Application Modernization and Enterprise IT Innovation.From Azure CSP to Managed Services to strategic consulting and development, Hanu has the expertise to help organizations capture the potential of their cloud strategy through discovery, decision and delivery, across each stage of their transformation.

Tier 1 CSP


Information Technology



Employee Strength


  • HRMS system was good at managing the entire HR Process but there was a need for a dedicated Talent Acquisition Platform
  • Lot of profiles received by Hanu needed to be screened better

Favorite Feature

  • Configurable workflow and easy integration with their existing HRMS system
  • Custom Reporting for the daily reports on customers

Recruiting platform with Intelligence at various steps - Ability to centralize the resumes into one place and allowing rediscovery on top to it. Additionally, the entire workflow is helpful for stakeholder management in recruiting


Challenges Faced by Hanu

Being a fast-paced growing company Hanu wanted to have a platform that can power-up their entire Talent Acquisition Function on top of their HRMS function. The challenges included ability for cross-borders interviews set-up, workflow and stake holder management

Resolutions by Turbohire

TurboHire provided a seamless workflow which is adaptable and infused with intelligence at various steps for candidate screening, interviewing and more. Using the platform Hanu was able to generate streamlined workflows across the entire candidate lifecycle

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