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  • A platform for recruiting which understand the recruiters rather than making them do tedious tasks
  • Hiring usually involves reporting and AuthBridge required a rich set of reporting which is usually not offered by ATS systems

Favorite Feature

  • Self-serve workflows for templatization of information collection
  • Custom Report Building Functionality

TurboHire is an intelligent recruiting tool which adds immense firepower to the recruiter’s daily workflows and optimizes the efforts of hiring manager with custom reporting.


Challenges Faced by Authbridge

A recruiter’s task is part detective and part sales jobs. During the recruiting process tools are making the recruiters add a lot of information layers for reporting but not been able to track the progress in the right way.  Additionally, manual data-entry and ineffective search made recruiters fall back to job-boards for new candidates.

Resolutions by Turbohire

TurboHire Talent Acquisition Platform offered a seamless yet configurable workflow for entire recruitment team with ability to add the right kind of permissions for various stakeholders. The custom reporting built in the form enabled tracking the right kind of activity during the recruiting funnel. The video interviewing experience was a cherry on the top.


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