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#WorkFromHome: Take Care Of Your Eyes

By April 2, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

We could all smell it in the air, but It came all of a Sudden. Authorities announced 21-day lockdown and we moved indoors.
Indefatigable as all of us are, we took a day or two to settle down with #WorkFromHome routines. We upgraded internet plans, made proper lighting arrangements, kept water bottle for the day at the workstation and negotiated work-timing with other family members.

We upgraded our plans on Zoom, Meet, Skype, Whereby or other Video Conferencing platforms. The day started with one meeting after another on weekly planning, customer demos, customer conversations, partner discussions, status calls etc all being conducted on such platforms.

In parallel, there was constant activity on instant messengers with various workgroups. #WorkFromHome rhythm set in, Day after day it went on like this.
By 7th day something broke. There was splitting headache and general fatigue. While Rhythm was comfortable, to do anything and everything at work or home, be it banter with colleagues, pricing discussions with customers, daily scrums, status meetings, fitness classes, etc etc etc, I was doing it through a computer screen.
I am sure, many of us by now are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, first adverse but manageable symptom of work from home. I found many of my colleagues fatigued by their faces.
I took some steps, which might help taking care of our Eyes

  1. Activate Blue Light filters on Computer and SmartPhone
  2. Switch to a good old plain Phone conversation, when no presentation is to be made
  3. Fold your Screen down, when planning or writing down things
  4. If, comfortable shift to darker background themes in certain applications, you use regularly

Hope this helps in your #WorkFromHome mission and productivity.

Lets look at remaining two weeks of lock-down with brighter eyes !