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What To Expect In An Interview Meeting

By February 12, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

Recruitment is a serious Team Work involving multiple stakeholders engaged at various stages of hiring process.

It is a fact that recruitment function is expected to be industry agnostic or in other words a horizontal function. The academic background of most people in recruitment function is usually social sciences or human resource management and seldom in science and technology.

Given this background, an individual in recruitment function perpetually remains on learning curve on technology especially in evolutionary high-tech industry. Therefore, people in recruitment function have always been dependent on hiring teams for technical and functional assessment.

The usual scenario in inward processes of recruitment is that Recruitment team evaluates incoming CVs for the immediate need of skills and schedules a technical interview round with someone just above peer level. Candidates having cleared the technical round is then scheduled for interview with Reporting Manager and at times depending on the seniority of the position with Reporting manager and Unit head combination.

The entire crux of this blog, is that in interview where Reporting Manager and Unit Head both wish to understand the broader aspects of Candidate with broad brush questions such as “what is the core business of your current company”, “what customer segments does your company serve”, “what are key attributes of the customers you serve”, “what challenges have you faced in meeting customer demands”, “what value does your product provide to customer”, “how do you measure feature against value”, “how is your performance measured in your current company” etc.

Many reporting managers and unit heads have done these interviews hundreds of time and with their experience they have almost always taken the right call. While this team takes pride in exercising their judgment repeatedly and getting great hires, they possibly never fundamentally analyze what is it that they have essentially done.

Recruiting team simply takes decision of interview team back to candidate and hopefully builds nuance of what works and what does not. If the answer of interview team is no, team get busy to find next possible candidate and cycle repeats.

However, if one wishes to zoom out sufficiently and capture the wisdom of these interviews in simplified manner, Reporting manager and Unit head are simply evaluating “if candidate’s experience beyond skills, is in resonance with context of recruiting company and its job conditions”.

The rude awakening is that Unit head and Reporting manager are very finite in their understanding of whole wide-open business world, if they are in food processing industry, they will not find candidate’s experience in apparel industry resonate with their job requirement and eventually reject the candidate.

Turbohire has captured this phenomenon in a path-breaking algorithm which not only knows the pattern but more importantly has deep understanding behind the pattern. The net outcome is that Recruiting team is enabled to not only find “skilled” candidate but they can also upfront find candidates whose experience resonates with context of company and job condition, saving the organization humongous time and money in the hiring operations.