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We Welcome Pentathlon To The TurboHire Family

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It is a matter of great respect and pride for us that TurboHire has raised $1Million in seed funding led by Pentathlon. In laying the foundation of our new association and opening a new chapter, here’s a welcome note for Pentathlon VC. We will share with you our understanding of why this partnership is significant to us, with a brief about them to begin with.

Pentathlon was one of the most popular ancient Olympic sports that demanded athletes to have high levels of Strength, Stamina, Speed, Focus, and Endurance. Similar to what startup companies require to scale new heights. Pentathlon works with early-stage technology companies to scale their business by providing Expertise, Ecosystem & Capital.

They are a pure-play technology focused Venture Fund and Scale-up Accelerator based out of India. The fund lives by the mission of being a bridge between Angel round and Series A+ rounds in the journey of a startup. 

Pentathlon Venture

Pentathlon is a Limited Liability Partnership firm consolidated on 21 January 2020, based out of Pune, Maharashtra. Assigned Partners of Pentathlon Ventures are Gireendra Kasmalkar, Shashank Deshpande, Saurabh Lahoti, Madhukar Bhatia, Hemant Joshi, and Sandeep Chawda.

The team of managing partners is driven by the philosophy of providing startups with active mentoring and coaching in their journey to scale their venture. Needless to say, this comes from the first-hand experience of establishing and scaling multiple entrepreneurial companies.

How This Funding Would Help TurboHire?

TurboHire is growing 70% month on month with 75% of our users recommending us to others. This funding will be used for growing our team and our product, as well as for our sales and marketing efforts and making our infrastructure even more reliable. We’ve chosen investors who understand our B2B focus, the long-term platform play, and appreciate the need for consistent marketing and customer acquisition spend.

Also, product development is a core focus for us. We want to keep building more versatility in our product and more advanced metrics for candidate screening. We’re always looking for talent in our technology team. Aside from this, we’re looking at growing and improving our customer support team.

Why Pentathlon Ventures: TurboHire-Investor Fit

TurboHire’s association with Pentathlon Venture is the ideal example of ambition meeting scalability. Here’s a breakdown of it:

1. VC Fund For The Entrepreneurs, By The Entrepreneurs

Pentathlon fund management team is run by serial entrepreneurs with an impeccable track record. They believe in playing an active role in mentoring portfolio companies with insights and expertise from their entrepreneurial journey.

2. A Bridge Between Angel Investment And Series A

Pentathlon has chosen to invest in companies that have achieved product-market fit with some initial custom traction. Their team helps with effective scaling of the venture and leads to further rounds of growth funding as our venture evolves.

3. Global Transformation 

Pentathlon team would love to bring a company’s insights and experience to prepare the product and company towards having a wholesome global play wherein they have seen tremendous value unlocking for companies.

4. Unique Methodology To Groom Enterprises

Helping entrepreneurs during their early stages to focus on the core values and success factors which could often get ignored while dealing with day to day challenges of the startup journey.

Above all, Pentathlon Ventures is a group of people who understand business and human-relationships. Having built successful companies before they know the secrets of global growth and while being considerate about the challenges of growing a business. A company is only as good as the people it keeps. In a brain-based economy, they have an exceptional combination of talents. They have the best team of Managing Partners and Advisors providing expertise, eco-system, and capital. 

Most of their portfolio companies include business ventures. This is so as to support the growth and development of other entrepreneurs and thus live up to the phrase “Fund by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”. Pentathlon Ventures have illustrated a “team player” attitude that sees consumer accomplishments as equal to individual achievement.  They also have helped our company, advising with constructive recommendations and the appropriate level of guidance. 

From Pentathlon

“TurboHire stands out among Indian start-ups as they possess a strong DNA to scale. As ‘founders turned funders’ ourselves, we are happy to invest and be part of their growth story. The product and team possess a strong DNA of scale, and we hope to see them become the Talent Acquisition, Talent Discovery and Talent Intelligence platform of choice for companies around the world.” – The Pentathlon Family

“We’re excited about our investment in TurboHire. Organizations are looking for AI-based tools to simplify recruitment tasks. TurboHire has an AI-based Talent Discovery & Acquisition platform. Happy to be part of its growth story” – Hemant Joshi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

From TurboHire Founders

“For mountaineering, one has to choose fellow mountaineers wisely. In Pentathlon Ventures, a fund by tech and global experience entrepreneurs who also have deep people experience, we found the fund what a deep-tech entrepreneurial team should really want. Thank you!” – Deepak Agrawal, CEO

“Red meets Blue (Pentathlon backing TurboHire) is a symbol for experience meeting ambition. TurboHire feels blessed to have Pentathlon Ventures as the first VC investor to be guiding us on the journey of building a $100 million business. Special thanks to Madhukar Bhatia and Hemant Joshi for being the guiding light sharing their experience at every step. 🙏” – Aman Gour, Co-Founder & CPO

We cannot wait to embark upon this new journey with Pentathlon Ventures and peak higher grounds. 

Onward & Upward.