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Use Cases Of Automated Video Interviewing

By June 18, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

What are automated video interviews?

Asynchronous/ automated/ one-way video interviews is an additional method for the recruiter to assess the candidate without actually spending hours interviewing them. Real-time interviews require either the interviewer or candidate to travel and spend a significant amount of time. On the other hand, asynchronous mode lets the recruiter send a set of questions to the candidate and allows the candidate to answer and send them back at their own comfort.


One-way interviews have come a long way since their inception and are seeing a steep adoption in the recent past. All the success is purely attributed to the mere simplicity and the never-ending list of benefits they provide. In this blog, we try to elaborate on the use cases that come along with the one-way interviewing.

Hiring made faster

Candidates really want that job and hence you can never say no to them expressing their intent during a conversation. For instance, a regular phone interview might take 30 minutes per candidate on an average. This makes 5 hours for 10 candidates. The same screening will be cut down to 50 minutes with the help of a one-way video interview. Such is the power of video and several attached features that come along with it. With integration to the talent acquisition platform, recruiters can save up to 84% of their time which can be better put into other human resource activities.

Spend more time on better candidates 

Solid impressions are made in the first 7 seconds. For some job roles such as strategy, a recruiter might want to test the candidates on how spontaneous they are, or for a sales role, you might want to assess the presentation skills of the candidates. These skills can be assessed in the first few seconds of the video. In a video submission, one can refer to it multiple times based on their interest on a certain candidate or skip them in the first few seconds itself. This significantly improves the recruiter’s experience and save a ton of time. 

Improved collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers

Any firm, small or big will have human resource professionals continuously engaged in various activities. In such a scenario, a video interview will help the recruiters collaborate with the hiring managers even while the hiring managers are remotely working on a different assignment. This will help them overcome the underlying biases in the decision and let them stay on the same page. 

Eliminate the geographical barriers

This is yet another reason why one-way video interviewing ranks high on convenience. We are getting closer every day a new technology evolves and making our distance disappear. Candidates apply to their dream company but for some reason, they would not be able to attend an interview. This can be due to geographical constraints or the recruit totally might be in a different time-zone! Automated interview bridges this gap on either side and lets both the recruiter and candidate have a meaningful conversation without actually having to meet each other. 

Invoking the smart recruiter

With end-to-end recruitment platforms such as TurboHire, the one-way video interviewing had become much more accurate and meaningful. Before the video interview stage, TurboHire’s intelligent platform gives AI-based candidate recommendations only gives right fits cutting down significant time in profile matching. Enhancing this further, the post video interview stage is also powered by an intelligent evaluation set-up. Now going smarter is just a step away

Improved ROI

Irrespective of what the mode of the interview is, recruiters are always bound to look for better candidates. But besides getting better candidates, if you can also double your performance in doing it, would you say no? A one-way video interview can significantly bring down the recruitment cost by 50%. Additionally, it has become a recent trend among recruiters to equip their needs with a total hiring solution. This is further pushing the cost-saving to 75%


Interested in stepping up to the challenges and adopt the one-way video interviewing? Try TurboHire One-way video interviewing today and let us know what you think!

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