Comparative Analysis

TurboHire vs Zoho Recruit: A Comparative Analysis

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TurboHire vs Zoho Recruit

We are happy that you have prioritized ‘Efficient Hiring’ by choosing to use an AI-enabled Applicant Tracking System (ATS). And reached that stage where you’ll have to compare different ATS available in the market. You are a true leader and we know you want the best for your company. Likewise, we want the best for you. 63% of HR Managers use or have used video interviewing recently, according to Amzur. 

There is a lot of flexibility by interviewing candidates online and there is a lot of confusion to handle it all online as well. Intelligent hiring software is what every recruiter needs to hire better and faster. 

Amidst hiring faster, there is always a chance to miss the best talent. We as humans are creative but do not have fast enough to skim through the data.

Here is an interesting stat: On average, a corporate job attracts 250 applicants, of which only 2% will be invited to interview (Data by Glassdoor)

You never know which one is your best fit nor the recruiter does. It would not be fair to the recruiter to screen the resumes manually to find the right fit. Instead, they can use their time in interacting with the potential candidates. And you guessed it right! Intelligent hiring software is all you need.

You might have gone through a lot of options and are confused as to which ATS can solve your problems.

Saving time for our customers is one of our core principles. We do want to help you in the comparative analysis of TurboHire and Zoho Recruit.

Before we start, here is an important update in the HR industry.

According to Financesonline, the top 5 recruiting priorities of recruitment professionals in 2021: 

  • Improving the quality of hire
  • Increasing retention rate
  • Improving time-to-hire
  • Growing talent pipeline
  • Diversity hiring

And these would only gain importance going forward.

Let’s get started now.

Things to consider when subscribing to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  1. Cost
  2. Support
  3. Market
  4. Ratings & Reviews
  5. Security
  6. Pricing Transparency
  7. APIs
  8. Platform Hosting

Let’s accept the fact that one shoe doesn’t fit all. Likewise, every Applicant Tracking System is not the right fit for every company. Different companies have different requirements. 

So, how do you understand your requirement and match the best fit ATS for your company?

To save your time, we have put together 8 parameters to consider when subscribing to an ATS.

1. Cost of ATS

Every company has a budget for everything. That is how businesses run, right? To make sure you are not going beyond the budget assigned, this is the first thing you’ll have to check when comparing different ATS’.

Both Zoho Recruit and TurboHire are pocket-friendly when it comes to cost. So, that’s a tie here!


2. Support of ATS

Even if you get the top-notch ATS for your recruiters, it would not be of much use if there is no proper support. When we say ‘support’ we mean, right from onboarding the customer to helping them succeed with the ATS platform.

At TurboHire, a dedicated account manager will be assigned once you sign-up. They will onboard you at your own pace, help you with all the integrations, respond to your queries quickly and make sure you are benefiting from the platform.

When we say 72% reduction in time to hire, 65% reduction in cost to hire, and 5x improvement in quality of hire, we mean it.

Our account managers will help you reduce your time & cost to hire and increase your quality of hire.

While Zoho Recruit has limited support, TurboHire is rich in supporting its customers.

If you are someone who is looking for dedicated support, you know which one to choose.

3. Market for ATS

The HR teams function differently in different organizations of different sizes. You’ll have to check if ATS is built to serve your HR team.

The easiest way to understand this is to see which market the ATS is focusing on.

TurboHire is easier to adapt irrespective of the size of the HR team because it is built on the 3 core foundations of recruitment – Talent Discovery, Interview, Offer.

Zoho Recruit primarily caters to small companies whereas TurboHire caters to mid-sized companies.

4. Ratings & Reviews 

Do you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon Product page to check the ratings and reviews of a product?

If you said yes, then this could be the most important parameter for you. Even if you said no, this is important.

It’s good to know what the current users of the ATS are saying about it. 

The primary sites to check for ATS reviews are G2 and Capterra.

5. Security of ATS

You are trusting an ATS with highly sensitive information. So, it’s important to know the security offered by each one of these ATS.

TurboHire offers military-grade security for customer data that has been verified by large organizations to meet their security requirements. 

We have further received a CIS, ISO27001 certification, and ensure all the data stored by a customer is only accessible by the customer itself. 

TurboHire has both mechanisms of private and shared cloud environments for its customers. TurboHire uses SHA256 encryption for data at rest.

Zoho Recruit has security features that control the access of data as well as features. Every individual organization’s account security is managed by Zoho’s administrators.

6. Pricing Transparency 

You might have had experiences where the website of the company shows reasonable pricing and when you get an invoice you’ll be charged with so many miscellaneous charges.

This might shoot up the overall pricing to 2X or 3X.

Both Zoho Recruit and TurboHire maintain pricing transparency with their customers.

At TurboHire, everything is discussed with the customer before charging them.

7. Application Programming Interface (APIs) 

The world today runs on integrations. Just think about a typical workday and you’ll see how integrations are making your life easier. For example, The calendar integrated with your email helps you attend all the meetings on time.

Likewise, a lot of integrations would be required to put all the recruitment in one place and the heart of integrations is API (Application Programming Interface).

Turbohire offers an API-first solution that can integrate with third-party assessment providers and HRMS. For example, Greenhouse, Myanatomy, HackerEarth, Adaface, and many more.

But, Zoho Recruit has its open API and integrates with a wide range of social media and bulk messaging applications.


8. Platform Hosting

Assuming you are looking for a smooth workflow while working with an ATS, it is of utmost essential to consider the platform the ATS is hosted on. You do not want to experience delayed page loading. 

Both TurboHire and Zoho Recruit use Cloud Hosting which can handle large amounts of data with a smooth workflow.


Zoho Recruit vs TurboHire: Comparison at a Glance

COST Pocket-Friendly Pocket-Friendly
SUPPORT Limited Rich
MARKET Small Companies Mid-Market
SECURITY Limited High
APIs Open API API First


Zoho Recruit vs TurboHire at every Recruitment Stage

After interacting with so many HR leaders, we realized that the recruitment process has 3 primary stages (Discover, Screening & Interview, and Offer). We’ll dive deep into how each of the ATS platforms can help at every recruitment stage.


1. Candidate Discovery Stage

What is more difficult than finding the best candidates for the job? And it doesn’t stop there. Once you get the candidates to apply and you have like 100s of resumes sitting in your inbox, you’ll have to screen and shortlist for the next round.

How much time is going into that manual screening? A lot, right.

The good news is that Artificial Intelligence and automated ATS can get the job done faster and accurately.

TurboHire has come up with some exclusive features like Candidate Ranking and Job Recommendation.

With the help of candidate ranking, you can find the best candidates in your application pool. This will help to screen the candidates faster.

And Job recommendations can get you the best candidates. When you have a large number of openings, the candidates might not be able to go through every job opening to find a suitable job.

Instead, they can just drop their resume and click on ‘Get Matched’.

Voila! They get jobs that match their skills and can apply now.

Let’s not miss Smart Cards and Smart Tags. While smart cards provide easy glances of any candidate in the system, smart tags help you customize the filter. Isn’t that cool? Your rules, Your filters!

We have put together all the features that would benefit you in the Candidate Discovery stage and compared them for both TurboHire and Zoho Recruit.

Recruitment Marketing Yes Yes
Candidate Discovery Yes Yes
Employee Portal Yes Yes
Careers Page Yes Yes
Vendor Portal Yes Yes
Chrome Extension Yes Yes
Candidate Ranking Yes No
Smart Cards Yes No
Job Recommendation Yes No
AI-Powered Skillset Yes Yes
Smart Tags Yes No
Duplicate Detection Yes Yes
Chatbot Assessments Yes No
Ready to go library Yes No
Advanced Proctoring Yes No
Behavioral Assessment Yes Yes
Social Profiles Yes Yes


2. Candidate Interviewing Stage

The next important step after shortlisting by AI screening and assessments is the Interview. We know how tiresome and monotonous it could be to call every candidate and Interviewer to schedule an interview. Again, Applicant Tracking System can come to the rescue here. 

TurboHire has gone above and beyond to make the interview process smooth by introducing in-built evaluation forms, candidate workspace for interviewers, and group interviews

Here are some feature comparisons between TurboHire and Zoho Recruit for the Interview stage.

Smart Card Sharing Yes No
Calendar View Yes Yes
Evaluation form Yes No
Candidate Workspace Yes No
1-1 Interview Yes Yes
Panel Interview Yes Yes
Group Interview Yes No
Calendar Scheduling Yes Yes
Bulk Scheduling Yes Yes
Mobile Recording Yes No
Configurable Templates Yes Yes
Collaborative Review Yes Yes

3. Decision-Making Stage – The Offer:

After successfully conducting the interviews and collecting feedback, now it’s time to roll out offers to the selected candidates. Yay! We are halfway through to closing the position. Now you’ll have to figure out the salary calculations and send them for approval. Not only that, constantly remind the business heads to approve the offers.

Once approved by business heads, you’ll have to email these offers to every candidate manually. Such a big task it is, isn’t it? TurboHire has an amazing option to setup approval workflows and to send automated offer letters. Just imagine, how much time and effort would you save by automating the offer letter process with TurboHire.

Even though Zoho Recruit does not support approval workflow, it does support automated offer letters & salary calculations.

Here is a quick comparison between TurboHire and Zoho Recruit.


Offer Letter Approval Workflow Yes No
Automated Offer Letter Yes Yes
Salary Calculations Yes Yes


Zoho Recruit vs TurboHire: Recruitment Structuring

Having a lot of automation features is a good thing to have. But it would all go to waste if the ATS does not have a structure. TurboHire has made a good effort in structuring the recruitment process by introducing custom Hiring plans, job pipeline, and candidate engagement. Like Rome was not built in a day, any position is not closed by a single recruiter.

If you agree with the above statement, you do understand the importance of collaborating with a team working on a position. Guess what? TurboHire read your mind and we present you ‘Team-Up’ which can help you collaborate with other recruiters working on the same job.

And of course, we have put together all the features you would require to structure the recruitment process and also compared them.

Hiring Plan Yes No
Job Pipelines Yes No
Team-Up Yes No
Roles & Privileges Yes Yes
Direct SMS Yes Yes
Customizable forms Yes No
Document Collection Yes Yes
Automated Reminders Yes Yes
Candidate Engagement Yes No
Recruitment Activity Yes Yes
Source Reports Yes Yes
Custom Reports Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes


Exclusive features of TurboHire

After all the extensive research on both platforms, here are a few features that are only exclusive to TurboHire. 


1. Competency Detection

Understanding the competency of a candidate with the combined help of an AI-powered skill set, candidate calibration, smart filters, etc is only available with TurboHire.

2. Live Stage Sharing

Did you know that you can share candidates stage-wise on TurboHire? This can help the management in easy understanding of the progress of the job. You can share all the candidates in the shortlist stage in just 2 clicks. 

3. Group Discussion

If you are recruiting for more positions and evaluating 100s of candidates then most likely group discussion would be a part of the recruitment. But not all ATS’ offer Group Discussion as a feature, TurboHire does. You can conduct virtual group discussions with multiple candidates and interviewers.

4. Offer Approval

An offer letter template is good to have but is not of much use if there is no offer approval feature. In TurboHire, you can set up the required approvers in the Offer Approval. Once you send an offer letter to the candidate, it would go to the approvers for approval. Once approved, it would trigger an email to the candidate.


Product Ratings of TurboHire and Zoho Recruit

TurboHire has managed to stack up in the competition of Talent Acquisition Platforms. Recruiting software will drastically change an organization’s recruitment cycle of activities. Hence, it is necessary to go into every detail while deciding on the best hiring software.

  • According to Capterra, both TurboHire and Zoho Recruit have an overall rating of 4.4/5
  • According to FinancesOnline, TurboHire has a smart score of 8.0 and Zoho has 8.9
  • According to, TurboHire has an overall rating of 4.6/5 and Zoho has 4.4/ 5.


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