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Right Recruiting Is Also About Stakeholder Management

By February 29, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

Recruitment alongside Sales is one of the toughest jobs in an Organization. The Stakeholders for a Recruiter range from Candidates who need to be wooed, Applicants who need be Engaged, Interviewers who need to be coached and Rationalized with, Hiring Managers who need to be Listened to and HR heads who need to be negotiated with. It does not end there, then like Sales, there are Employer Branding Scores, Campus / Weekend hiring events (just like Sales camps), Interview Experience Scores, Time-to-Hire metrics, Offer to Join ratios and Cost-per-Hire and several such measurements to deal with !

Processes runs somewhat like this. First, a recruiter is selling to real-world out there to attract active or passive Candidates to become Applicants for an Organization. This lead generation is never easy and requires Recruiters to Post Jobs on Job-Boards, Broadcast on Social Media, Conduct Campus or Weekend Events. When prospective Candidates have become Applicants, there starts a continual Applicant Engagement and Screening Process.

Second, along-side an additional Internal alignment process takes off with Hiring Managers, Interviewers and HR Leaderships such as Compensation and Benefits.

The combined situation for a Recruiter is as tough and demanding as that of an Airline pilot. While the Pilot is carrying a crucial load of several passengers (who by nature are themselves often demanding and at times nasty) in a very expensive aircraft (akin Employer Brand), except the aircraft there is very little in control of the Pilot. Pilots are completely dependent on instructions from Security Officers, Airport Managers and Air Traffic Controllers. Same is the situation of a Recruiter for every hire – no hire decision which comes from Interviewers, Hiring Managers and HR heads.

Phew, this stakeholder management in Talent Acquisition is tough and energy sapping.

At TurboHire, we asked “When entire company and multiple stakeholders are involved, why are Talent Acquisition systems created only for Recruiters, and not for Whole organization?”

The outcome is a new design of Talent Acquisition, which makes Organizations nimble and Recruiters more empowered.

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