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Candidates’ FAQs For One Way Video Interview

By June 18, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

Did you receive a one-way video interview submission link from your recruiter? Here are some of the FAQs you might be interested in before giving your first one-way video interview with TurboHire.

What is TurboHire one-way video interviewing?
One-way video interviews (also known as asynchronous interviews or automated interviews) are a novel interviewing concept that allows recruiters to send questions to the candidates which then can be recorded by candidates at their own convenience.

How do I give the video interview on TurboHire platform?
Candidates will receive an email intimation from the hiring managers with the link to attend and submit their video interviews. This will be done from the hiring manager side once the candidate’s profile is deemed fit.

I do not know if my internet bandwidth supports this platform?
A three-step quality check is done before candidates submit their video recording. Video quality, Audio quality and the Network quality are assessed before the interview and the questionnaire appears only if the above criteria are met.

Do I need to login to give an interview?
Candidates are not required to login to the TurboHire’s video interviewing platform. Answer submissions are supposed to be done on the link provided by the hiring managers.

I have never used the platform before?
We totally understand the candidates concern of not having attended any video interview before. In order to help the candidates TurboHire one-way video interviewing platform has a demo option which can be tried and tested before giving the actual interview.

How do I know if my answer has been successfully recorded?
Candidates can upload their answers and watch through each video being uploaded and displaying a successful upload message. This will ensure that the video submission is successful.

I do not want to go with my current recording. Can I reupload?
Yes. candidates are allowed to check their video submissions and re-upload if necessary.

Can I set my own time for answers?
Maximum recording time is preset by the interviewer which may be the same or different for every question. Candidates are advised to kindly check the time limit and keep watch of the progress bar in-order to submit the answers hassle-free.