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My Journey With TurboHire Thus Far

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Sunil Roger is the Director of Sales at TurboHire. He has previously been associated with Vodafone & Amazon, with being an MBA grad from IIM-Shillong and engineering grad from IIT-Madras. This is Sunil’s journey with TurboHire so far.


It has been 9 months already since we all started adapting to the new normal, brought about by the pandemic, in our personal and professional lives. This period has transformed the everyday livelihood of almost everyone on the planet. It has also forced companies of all sizes to rethink the way day-to-day business activities are conducted. There is not a single major event that has been the same since the time we were asked to work from home amidst an almost-global lockdown. While things are slowly getting back to normal, there’s still a long way to go.

Personally, though, not all have been gloomy over these last 9 months. I made a tough decision this time last year to look for opportunities outside the company that I was working in. I went through several arduous months even before that decision where I was evaluating various career opportunities. It was a period of self-introspection and self-evaluation, and that is something I personally feel everyone must go through at least once in their professional lives.

Right out of campus, no one really knows what they’re getting into. It could be the “first company” on campus, it could be offering you the best package on campus. But once you’re out there in the real world, is that really what you wanted to do? Is this where you wanted to be? Do you see yourself growing while you’re sitting at the comfort of paycheck to paycheck? These are the questions I was evaluating myself against.

And the result of this exercise was what made me land at TurboHire.

TurboHire is an AI-based start-up in the recruitment technology space. When I joined, I was the ninth employee there. I had my initial apprehensions since I had never worked in anything remotely close to a start-up environment before. With just 8 other folks to work with, look up to, and learn from, it sure was an interesting choice to make. But I went for it anyway. And I haven’t looked back ever since.

I started my work a week before my actual joining date when I learned and implemented a couple of digital marketing campaigns. And just when I was all geared up to begin this new chapter of my professional life, the country went into a total lockdown. My first day at work was the first day of work-from-home for the nation. And thus, it began.

I was the first person to join the sales team which also meant that I was responsible for building a team around me. And this empowerment was given to me right from the word go by the co-founders. I was able to get an understanding of the product within the first week and I started conversations with prospects and clients from the second week onwards. Sometimes they say, ‘the best way to learning swimming is to jump right into the ocean’. And jump, I did.

Download: 2020 Global Recruitment Report


During these 9 months, I have gone through a myriad of experiences. There are months where we rejoiced at the addition of multiple new clients. There were months that went past without a single acquisition. For a usually stoic person, I had fumed at several disagreements with the team, while also getting overwhelmed by some of the wonderful things that these amazing folks have accomplished. I have tried to groom some of my teammates, while at the same time getting groomed by those very same people. 

I have felt proud. I have felt disappointed. I have felt elated. I have felt despondent. I have felt totally relaxed. I have been unnecessarily anxious. And all of these in no particular order. 

My greatest learning since the time I made that big decision is that unless you take the first step there is no chance of going anywhere forward. And unless you’re moving forward, you’re not doing justice to yourself.

Here’s to another year of progress!