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Leverage Pre-Screening With AI-based Chatbot Assessment

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Chatbot assessment is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation, or a chat, with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or the telephone. Chatbot Assessment is the assessment of analyzing conversations with potential candidates to gain insights about the candidates, their ability, and customer experience. 

50% of businesses plan to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps. Chatbots are basically an intuitive programming application, so we can assess them from human variables or usability points of view, and spotlight on measures, for example, task completion, client fulfillment, and so on. A chatbot assessment is merely an attempt to present a human-like interaction and analyze the conversation with AI. 

Chatbots are proven to be very useful because of the following 4 major reasons

  • Chatbots are available 24×7.
  • Responses and conversations are autosaved.
  • Data gathering is very effective with chatbots.
  • Almost human-like responses. 

Chatbot Assessment streamlines interactions between candidates and recruiters, enhancing the candidate experience. At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the candidate engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service.

Table of Content

  • Benefits of TurboHire’s chatbot assessment
  • Challenges faced in the pre-screening phase of hiring
  • Challenges faced by HR managers & prospects
  • Challenges faced by candidates
  • 4 important features of chatbot assessment
  • Conversational AI
  • Easy configuration
  • Data collection
  • Candidate screening
  • Measuring the effectiveness of chatbots

Benefit From TurboHire’s Chatbot Assessment

TurboHire’s Chatbot Assessment helps you to have an interactive conversation in natural language with your applicants with the help of artificial intelligence and is successful in handling most of your routine tasks and most frequently asked questions at job assessments. Chatbot Assessment facilitates your employers’ weight by being a constant computerized right hand for all candidate inquiries and questions.

How your organization can benefit from TurboHire’s Chatbot Assessment?

  • Improve Quality of Hire: A ChatBot can reach out to as many candidates as required and make quality decisions powered by TurboHire’s AI tools.
  • Reduce Time-to-Hire: Recruiters can invest much less time in assessing candidates.
  • More Secure: A chatbot ensures candidate security and makes an unbiased assessment. The assessment process becomes more transparent than ever. 
  • Cost-To-Hire: The HR team can fulfill other responsibilities as the ChatBot assesses candidates. 

Challenges Faced In The Pre-Screening Phase Of Hiring

In the Pre-Screening Phases of Hiring, there are numerous challenges faced by HR teams and candidates. Let us have a brief overview of these challenges.

Challenges Faced By HR Managers & Prospects

  • HR teams have a hard time engaging good candidates which makes candidates lose interest in the company. The best candidates are frequently reached regularly by recruiters, making it harder for your own email to stick out. Also, candidates with hard-to-find aptitudes are regularly considering several job offers for employment simultaneously. Extra effort has to be put into persuading passive candidates to choose your company over your competitors.
  • HR teams want to hire as quickly as possible because vacant jobs cost money and delay operations. Yet, depending on your industry, making a hire can take several months putting pressure on recruiters and frustrating hiring teams. A long time to hire maybe a byproduct of a shortage of qualified candidates. The hiring process may be too long or hiring teams might struggle to reach a consensus, resulting in the best candidates finding jobs elsewhere.
  • Candidate experience isn’t only important for employer branding, but it’s also a factor when your best candidates are evaluating your job offers. The way you treat candidates during the hiring process mirrors the way you’ll treat them after hiring. If they had a bad experience, they’re less likely to accept. Conversely, positive candidate experiences can enhance your employer brand and encourage good candidates to apply and accept your job offers.

Challenges Faced By Candidates

  • Job descriptions can be uninformative.
  • Hard to find information about a potential employer.
  • Lengthy and confusing hiring processes. 
  • Not getting feedback from potential employers.

4 Important Features Of Chatbot Assessment

Chatbots are highly customizable to meet the exact requirements of a company. However, there are some common features that most chatbots fulfill. 

1. Conversational AI

The core of every chatbot is conversations. Advanced natural language processing techniques and machine learning technologies power your chatbot’s every conversation, from “hello” to more complex queries. The conversation builder helps you leverage technologies like:

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Small talk (hi, hello, how are you, etc)
  • Context management, natural language understanding
  • Entity and intent detection

2. Easy Configuration

In Chatbot Assessments, the chatbots are pre-trained to assess and understand company-specific requirements for a candidate. All the specific knowledge and terms are introduced to the bot and hence conversations can be flawless. It is pre-configured to resolve common candidate requests for every particular company. 

Chatbots will have an existing information data set of inquiries that get refreshed according to the requirements of the company. At this stage, questions are effortlessly arranged to gather the necessary information from candidates. HR teams can enter the data about the job and various other details that the candidates will find helpful. 

3. Data Collection

Chatbots are not only great at conversing with candidates, but they can also help you collect candidate information, such as the basic information, education, experience, talents, and skills. This data can be very useful for profiling your candidates, re-targeting, and creating tailored conversation flows for specific types of candidates. 

Chatbots offer an extraordinary candidate experience because of their usability. Since they are mobile-friendly, applicants can converse with the bot in a hurry. The two-way discussion permits the possibility to determine their questions as well. Reactions are auto-saved which implies candidates can delay the discussion and resume from where they left.

4. Candidate Screening

As the chatbot continues conversing with candidates, real-time data is updated on the platform. Recruiters and HR Teams can go through this data on a well-organized dashboard where all the details of the conversation are present including the date and time of the messages. Recruiters can make pre-screening decisions with this information even without conversing with the candidates once. 

This saves an ample amount of time required when going through thousands of resumes of candidates and sorting out the best talents.

A chatbot can assist suitable candidates with suitable job roles and assess them for only that role depending on the skills and qualifications. An all-in-one chatbot will screen the best candidates as per the requirements of the company. 

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Measuring The Effectiveness Of Chatbot Assessment

Using AI-powered Chatbots for candidate assessment in recruitment and hiring has proven to have the following benefits:

  • Reduced time to hire
  • Reduced cost to hire
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Increased candidate engagement
  • Optimized hiring process
  • Improved hiring rates and productivity
  • Prevents unconscious hiring bias
  • Promotes diversity and inclusivity
  • Security of data
Benefits of AI-based Chatbot Assessment - TurboHire

Chatbot Assessment addresses your time versus quality predicament by arranging the great from the disqualified resumes in a quick and proficient way, in this manner fundamentally diminishing the time spent by tech spotters in experiencing each resume. An intelligent chatbot is an answer to the complexities involved in the pre-screening process.

Time-to-Hire is a basic measurement to quantify the productivity of your hiring, and the utilization of AI in the pre-screening process altogether facilitates the hiring cycle and diminishes time to hire. 

Simulated intelligence assists recruiters with dissecting huge information and put coherent channels to target significant applicants with only a few clicks. It gives hiring teams an opportunity to draw in with applicants, that were prior dedicated to manual arranging of resumes. 

The utilization of ATS and AI devices diminishes the time-to-hire, hence bringing about a 69% achievement rate.

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