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Improve Hiring Quality: Supply VS Demand Analysis

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Hiring Quality is characterized as the worth a recently recruited employee adds to your organization. In particular, how much a fresh recruit adds to your organization’s drawn-out progress. 

In view of its definition, it’s undeniable why Hiring Quality is viewed as such a need. Yet, it is likewise the most troublesome selecting metric to quantify and evaluate. One explanation is that it frequently includes a period deferral of a while to even a long time to demonstrate out. This implies putting resources into improving the hiring quality requires a long-term responsibility.

As per LinkedIn, 40% of organizations rank the hiring quality as their main concern. 

A new overview found that while speed was the measurement used to quantify enrolling achievement presently, the quality was the measurement most desired to be utilized later on.

To guarantee that the correct candidates are put in the correct jobs, it’s important that organizations measure, track, and break down the quality of hire over the long run. This ensures that they can improve recruiting cycles and improve hiring quality for the company over time.

Table of Content

  • Supply vs demand analysis of hiring
  • Strategic moves to improve hiring quality
  • Collect data of potential candidates
  • Simplify the hiring process
  • 50% Recruiters are adapting new hiring methods to improve hiring quality
  • Performance review of potential candidates
  • Candidate engagement
  • Candidate feedback to interview process
  • Contribution to hiring quality by TurboHire
  • TurboHire’s candidate discovery system
  • What are TurboHire’s smart cards?
  • ChatBot assessment to improve hiring quality
  • Wrapping up

Supply vs Demand Analysis of Hiring

In a Talent Scarcity circumstance, when the demand for talent surpasses the supply, you might want to utilize a “attract only the best” sourcing and recruiting method. This is often outlined by the left feature of the supply vs demand curve.

In a Talent Overflow situation once the arrangement of candidates surpasses the interest – the right part of the graph – most firms utilize a “remove the frail” technique. This can be an amazingly worldwide strategy that includes box-checking aptitudes, separating applicants based on locations and pay, and giving unclear sidelong exchanges. The objective is diminishing cost per lease and time to fill by work in strength improvements. The usage of AI is amazingly powerful during such a technique.

Strategic Moves To Improve Hiring Quality

Regardless of the undeniable significance of understanding the hiring quality, there is in reality no normalized approach to figure it. There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all way to deal with estimating quality.

However, we can still develop strategies and methods to try and improve the hiring quality as much as we can.

1. Collect Data Of Potential Candidates

The recruiting team of a company must have the assets to both gather and approach pre-recruit and post-recruit information. 

Pre-recruit information includes

  • Scores on psychometric assessments
  • job preview tests, and interviews
  • Grades on resumes from an intelligent screening software that uses AI.

Post-hire data includes

  • Subjective data such as managers’ satisfaction ratings 
  • New hires’ engagement self-ratings.
  • Days to full productivity
  • A number of promotions, and tenure.

The key is to be able to show a significant relationship between your pre-hire and post-hire data.

2. Simplify The Hiring Process

As many as 2/3rds of recruiters state that their workload becoming burdensome brings out additional challenges such as hiring teams taking up to 30% more time to review and shortlist applicants for new job postings and additional stakeholders. 

The process of simplification of the workload of recruiters will reduce the time required to fill positions by 70%. How to do so? What tools and methods to use?

  • Using AI-based technology to speed up the candidate screening process.
  • Detailed analysis of conversion rates in order to track priority areas.
  • Resources against demand given more attention.
  • Create templates such as candidate emails, evaluation forms, employee portals.
  • Automatic candidate score generation systems. 

50% Recruiters Are Adapting New Hiring Methods To Improve Hiring Quality

Here are some ideas to improve your organization’s hiring quality better:

1. Performance Review

When relevant, it tends to be useful to measure a recently recruited employee’s exhibition measurements to quantify the nature of the recruit. For instance, this could incorporate the number of products sold, percentage of sales quotas met, and so forth.

2. Candidate Engagement

At the point when recently recruited employees join the group, you can review them to pick up knowledge into how upbeat a fresh recruit is in their job. Candidate commitment reviews are an incredible method to gather significant data about the company’s nature of recruit. Regardless of being fairly abstract, they can in any case be crammed with accommodating bits of knowledge about the worker experience at your organization.

3. Candidate Feedback

By requesting feedback from both selected and rejected candidates, you can pick up important information that will help you understand the viability of your organization’s recruiting cycle and make upgrades as needs are. You can begin by conveying a short study to all candidates and welcoming them to share input on their experience during the employing cycle.

Contribution To Hiring Quality Of TurboHire

Let us now look at the various ways TurboHire has been helping to improve the Quality of Hire:

  • TurboHire converts resume into Smart Cards so it is easy to look into the whole profile of a candidate. 
  • It uses proprietary company datasets to search for candidates based on the company’s context. 
  • TurboHire Smart Search allows you to do Google-like searches on your candidate database. 
  • TurboHire builds a LinkedIn-like candidate network for recruitment.

What Are TurboHire Smart Cards?

Given a resume of any shape or form, TurboHire converts them into structured Candidate Cards like a Linkedin profile called Smart Cards. TurboHire then contextualizes it with education and company datasets. Further skill matching is done by deducing candidate capabilities from the resume.  These smarts cards are AI-enhanced to give true power in the hands of recruiters. TurboHire makes use of Smart Cards in order to go over candidate profiles in a quick and efficient way that is customizable as per the company’s needs.

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TurboHire’s ChatBot Assessment

TurboHire’s Chatbot Assessment helps you to have an interactive conversation in natural language with your applicants with the help of artificial intelligence and is successful in handling most of your routine tasks and most frequently asked questions at job assessments. Chatbot Assessment facilitates your employers’ weight by being a constant computerized right hand for all candidate inquiries and questions.

Calculate Your Hiring Score


Wrapping Up

Measuring the hiring quality is critical to understanding the effectiveness of your recruiting process and proving its strategic value to internal stakeholders. Developing a simple index to measure the quality of hire is enough for a company to get a gist of its recruitment effectiveness. 

A common hiring quality metrics include:

  • Ramp-up time: An employee’s time to full productivity
  • Job performance: Measured by supervisors’ performance ratings or objective data like sales
  • Employee engagement: Measured by the new hire’s self-ratings
  • Cultural fit: Measured by 360 ratings of the new hire’s colleagues and supervisors

You can use these experiences to recognize zones for development, feature what’s as of now functioning admirably, and eventually ensure you’re placing the correct individuals in the correct parts to best address the issues of the business.

By the end of the day, you can just enhance what you know—and that is actually why you should know and monitor the nature of recruitments at your company. By estimating the quality, it helps you to gain insight into the efficiency of the teams you have built which points out how effective your recruitments have been. The overall quality of the company and results improve as hiring quality improves.

Luckily, front line innovation and technology can assist HR with assessing this broadness of variables that make up the quality of recruit. An AI-based tool like TurboHire analyses User Satisfaction, Candidate Satisfaction, which in turn improves the hiring quality with successful recruitments. Our platform has dedicated modules for pre and post-hire stages to visualize the indicators your stakeholders choose to define the hiring quality.