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Hiring Guide: Hidden Treasure In Your House

By February 25, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

If you have found this blog and reading it, you must be a leader in HR function of a renowned enterprise. If your organization is about 3000 -5000 employees, you are most likely to hire about 500 job-roles this year.

It will be no big surprise to believe that you hired a similar number in last 12 months. While hiring for these 500 Job-Roles, enterprise would have moved heaven and earth by posting these jobs on free and paid job-boards and social media, generating referrals and getting many candidates from recruitment consultants. At 300 candidate per Job-role, you would have received 150,000 candidate profiles!

Industry Research indicates that 80% of these candidate profiles probably were not even opened and 70% of Jobs in an enterprise are repeat Jobs. The big questions is, what happened to 120,000 Candidate Profiles?

If commonsense prevails, shouldn’t we be re-using these 120,00 candidate profiles to fill 70% of the repeat Job-roles? However, the question remains rhetorical because of following hard problems

  1. It humanly infeasible to open and review 120,000 Candidate Profile on each new Job-role
  2. Candidate Profiles are Unstructured data and reviewing such raw data is cognitively fatigue inducing and frustrating
  3. Keyword based Profile to Job-Role matching while reduces the size of the pool, the outcome is still either large number to choose from or highly irrelevant
  4. The Candidate Profiles in 120,000 pool go through aging process and hence demand automated data-refresh before any re-use is attempted

If these four problems are addressed to make feasible re-use of 120,000 or more Candidate Profiles, Enterprise can experience following benefits

  1. Enormous Cost Savings incurred on Job-Posting to commercial Job Board. They are expensive!
  2. Reduction in time-to-hire by cutting down Job-Marketing and Screening time
  3. Build better and agile image of Talent Acquisition team to Business and Hiring Managers
  4. Creating Candidate Delight by getting back when indeed a suitable Job-Role opens for a applicant.

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