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Funding Raised: A Token Of Thanks From TurboHire Founders

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In Picture [from Top Left]: Nitin Soneji, Abhishek Kabra, Rakesh Nayak, Sunil Roger, Zunuca Baruah, Gaurav Kumar, Deepak Agrawal, Aman Gour, Kuldeep Rathod

We are super excited and equally thrilled to announce $1M seed funding led by Pentathlon Ventures & a series of seasoned entrepreneurs from the industry, to improve the brand’s global presence while also deepening the algorithms to make the process of hiring better, more intelligent, and smarter for you.

TurboHire is not just a product or just another brand. It is a living breathing entity being given life by the hard work put across by each and everyone associated with us. This includes our customers without whom we are absolutely incomplete in our journey, a budding team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to deliver the best value for TurboHire, the advisors who have always guided us in the right direction, and our investors who showed faith in us and believed in our vision. 

Vision Of TurboHire

Enable Better And Faster Talent Decisions With TurboHire

Recruiters and HR Professionals can leverage the power of AI through data-centric tools that will help them source, screen, and hire the best talent. 

At TurboHire we have spent a lot of time understanding the AI recruiting tools landscape to find the best vendors, the uses cases that make sense, and how to reap the highest level of benefit when you implement artificial intelligence in your recruiting process. 

Quotes From TurboHire Founders On Funding Raised

Deepak Agrawal, CEO

“More than 2 years back, we took a path less-traveled. With Augmented Intelligence, we tried to think-afresh and think-bold to make an impact on the massive Recruitment Industry – an industry that has an impact on everyone. The TurboHire Team of high-caliber and highly passionate people worked on every bit of Algorithms till it bent down to the will of being a customer-friendly solution. The burn created fire, fire created light, and “light” got noticed. We are proud to announce our funding led by Pentathlon Venture Fund, Kia Ora Ventures, and some exquisite entrepreneurs. This funding will help Turbohire to make the light of Augmented Intelligence illuminate the Talent Industry and steer it in the right direction across the globe.”

Aman Gour, CPO & Co-founder

“What we thought would just take months, took a year. And when we thought that we were done, we came out stronger. Pandemic has been a challenge to many businesses, and we have cut very close at TurboHire ourselves. More power to the ones still giving their best every day. We at TurboHire are excited about raising our first round of funding of $1million for solving a very complex problem in the job industry. TurboHire isn’t just a product; it isn’t just a brand; it is a group of super-passionate people coming together to operate at their best to deliver value, every day.”

Abhishek Kabra, CTO & Co-founder

“Customer centricity has not been just another term for us at TurboHire; it has been at the core of everything we thought of and designed since the beginning. The goal was always clear – to bring value to our customers, the industry, and the recruitment ecosystem. Now that we have closed our first round of funding of $1M, I can only feel thankful for the journey it has been, including all the road bumps along the way that only made us stronger, for our customers for their belief, support, and most importantly feedback, and for the super talented team at the TurboHire which makes it all possible, every single day! The 90s kid in me cannot help but feel like being in a movie of those days, there are all the twists and turns, ups and downs, and the movie now seems to have come to an end but only to hint towards the beginning of a new chapter. So, here’s to the new chapter ahead!”

Gaurav Kumar, COO & Co-founder

“I am beyond excited to announce that we have raised our Seed funding of $1M to continue to drive revolutionary changes in the Recruitment Industry. Excited to have great investors led by Pentathlon Ventures to realize this mission. We’re onto a great momentum, and looking to hire a team in Tech, Customer Success, Sales, and Ops to be part of our journey. Looking forward to a very strong 2021.”

Rakesh Ranjan Nayak, VP Engineering & Co-founder

“Hiring has been a time-consuming and costly process. With AI augmentation and human-machine collaboration, we, at TurboHire, are making the hiring process simpler, faster, and better. While it’s no secret that Machine assisted intelligence improves the decision making process by making all the relevant information readily available, and also makes it faster and void of any emotional bias, creating a solution that seamlessly integrates technology with the industry’s needs is a daunting task nonetheless. We are thrilled to announce $1M seed funding led by Pentathlon Ventures, seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, to improve our global presence while deepening our algorithms to make the hiring process smoother.”

To learn more about the Team, go to https://get.turbohire.co/about/ 

Thank You From The TurboHire Family

We are overwhelmed with all the love and affection received on our milestone. Stay with us as we look forward to shaping the Talent Industry in the right direction. 

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