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Diversity And Inclusion Using AI In Recruitment

By June 1, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

In today’s business landscape, diversity in the workplace is a necessity. Various surveys reveal that 62% of participating executives rated diversity and inclusion as a high or top priority. Diverse organizations are often more successful than others.
Diversity is achievable when there is a fair opportunity for all regardless of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations. For companies to support inclusion there must be a visible collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all employees.
At the very first stage when hiring beings, HR’s involvement in ensuring diversity and inclusion cannot be understated. The issue stems from the fact that the traditional process of hiring involves people bound by their thoughts and practices, which leads to inclination towards a particular gender, race, age, religion, etc, the result of which is biased decision making. The process demands change and a more progressive thinking pattern. No matter how much this is pushed on to someone, things are bound to remain the same unless this unconscious bias in the hiring process is pushed away. The only solution is replacing manual practice with technology as a machine evidently does not follow any preconceived notions.
With this seemingly inexorable wave of brand recognition and success, every organization wants to maintain diversity and inclusion.  AI in recruitment is viable to reflect the desired results. Not only it helps to streamline the day to day hiring processes, the machine does not show an inclination towards any particular gender or community. The data it fetches is only based on the parameters set by HR to match a candidate who is a good fit for the role. And we all know, a good fit is a good fit! Not only that it has a noticeable positive impact on businesses’ top and bottom lines, employing such a practice is indispensable. While some companies still repudiate the use of technology in hiring, majority shows goodsupport.
When screening is done mitigating any bias, it gives equal opportunity to all applying for a job. Not only such a technology is convenient to use, it allows candidates to showcase their talent without fear of bias or human error. Also if you feel that is a need to add more people from a particular gender to reach 50-50 proportion, you can do an internal communication on the tool itself.  HRs have the flexibility to involve the decision of various team members efficiently using an AI-based tool in recruitment keeping all on the same page.


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