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Decision Making Stage Of Hiring

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In the previous blog I have covered the first three stages of recruitment. The first stage of recruitment dealt with sourcing candidates for the job. The second stage dealt with screening candidates. The third stage dealt with interviewing the candidates that were selected from the previous stage. In this blog we will be discussing the final stage, Decision-making stage.

Decision-making stage.
In this stage, the recruiter will evaluate these interviewed candidates and asks for the decision of hiring manager/interviewer. After the decision is made recruiter will send the offer letter to the qualified candidates.

Current Scenario
After the interview stage is over the recruiter will collect the evaluation from the interviewer and performs a psychometric test on the eligible candidates from the interview stage. This result of the psychometric test is sent to the final decision of the hiring manager. The manager decides and communicates to the recruiter, which candidates to be selected, who finally disburse the offer letter. If we assume the time taken for conducting the psychometric test is 30 mins, the decision of hiring manager 20 mins and the time for sending the offer letter as 10 mins. The time taken in the final stage will be 0.74 days

Time spent on each psychometric test 30 mins
Time spent on the decision by the Hiring manager 20 mins
Time spent on sending offer letter 10 mins
Time spent on decision making stage 0.74 days

With TurboHire
In TurboHire there is a feature called Behavioural insight which uses IBM Watson NLP capability to provided insightful information on candidates instantly. So, the time will be spent on making decision by the hiring manager who suggests candidates to the recruiter to disburse the offer letter. TurboHire offers a one-click offer letter feature where you can send the pre-loaded offer letter to the candidates within minutes. The total time spent will be .32 days

Time spent on the decision by the Hiring manager 20 mins
Time spent on sending offer letter in TurboHire 1 min
Time spent on decision making stage 0.32 days

Improvements provided by TurboHire
The improvement provided by the platform in terms of time is around 56% where 0.74 days was reduced to .32 days. All this improvement is due to the live sharing of candidates with managers and One click offers letter.

Improvement in time 83%