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Conduct One Way Video Interview With TurboHire

By June 18, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

Asynchronous Video Interviewing with TurboHire

What are asynchronous/automated/ one-way video interviews?
Asynchronous/ automated/ one-way video interviews is an additional method for the recruiter to assess the candidate without actually spending hours interviewing them. Real-time interviews require either the interviewer or candidate to travel and spend a significant amount of time. On the other hand, asynchronous mode lets the recruiter send a set of questions to the candidate and allows the candidate to answer and send them back at their own comfort.

Benefits to the recruiter
In a pandemic stricken world, growing companies cannot give up on quality hires despite the challenges posed. One definitely need not be a tech-savvy person to adopt the video interviewing for it has great direct benefits such as:

  1. It saves the recruiter a lot of time by skipping the unsuitable candidates in their first few minutes without actually spending the whole hour interviewing.
  2. Drastically brings down the cost to hire allowing the hiring teams to connect across geographies and remotely evaluate the candidate responses.
  3. Rates high on flexibility for both candidates and recruiters enabling them to tailor the responses at their own convenient time and location.
  4. Recruiters can manage high volumes of passive job-seekers by choosing to evaluate some later, which otherwise is a tedious task. 
  5. It improves the evaluation consistency and helps the recruiters hire the best fit by having a structured and objective hiring process.

Why use TurboHire one way interviews
Our one-way video interviewing platform stands out for 5 reasons:

  1. TurboHire’s candidate cards allow the recruiter to have a quality shortlist ahead of sending out the interview invites.
  2. The AI-based candidate screening post the response submission helps in improving the quality of hire.
  3. Having an end-to-end talent acquisition platform including the one-way video interviewing feature is bound to save a lot of time. It eliminates the loss of coherence due to data transition from one platform to another.
  4. Video backups help in reviewing the candidates at a later point of time. Re-evaluating the candidate responses can also help the recruiters match the existing candidates for future jobs.
  5. Rich candidate experience on both web and mobile which can strongly improve the employer branding.

How to conduct video interviews with TurboHire
One-way interview in TurboHire can be conducted in 3 simple steps:

  1. Set-Up – Create the questionnaires and templates relevant for video interviews
    • Question Templates- These consists of a list of questions that would be recorded by the candidates.
    • Email Templates- Consists of the templates for prefilling the email templates.
    • Scorecard Templates-  Set-up various metrics for evaluation of candidates for a structured evaluation process
  2. Request – Select the questionnaires of your choice and request candidates to submit their responses to questions
  3. Review – Review the answers submitted by candidates and evaluate them based on criteria defined in the evaluation templates


With TurboHire’s evolved AI, you can preserve human-like interactions with candidates and significantly improve the employer branding even while you don’t physically attend to the candidates. Talk to us today and let’s make your hiring process much faster and efficient!