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Competency Conundrum In Talent Discovery

By February 12, 2020November 3rd, 2020No Comments
Manpower Group’s annual survey on skills shortage shows that almost 40% of hiring managers are finding it difficult to fill jobs! The hiring process is traditionally looked at as a way for a company to judge applicants. We often forget that applicants are also judging if their capabilities match with the employer and have expectations towards flourishing career prospects.

The reason behind the difficulty of filing jobs, is surprising because of the timing and the way “Keyword based Machine Learning” as technology was introduced as a help in recruitment space. In the early days while it created a path forward, its returns were either marginal or incremental which unfortunately have turned negative in the recent years.

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Partly also to blame is the in vogue incomplete taxonomy preferred by HR and Recruitment fraternity. They have always planned and following the plan looking for “skilled” candidates in the market and once a candidate is found with “evidence” of a certain Skill, HR fraternity has believed and acted to find “competency fit” of the candidate through costly rounds of interview.

As an example, HR first looks for candidates who have skill of “having used hammer”. The keyword and machine learning based technology is quick to find several candidates with evidence of “having used hammer”. Immediately there is a sense of relief that there are candidates with skill of “use of Hammer” and they are scheduled for interviews.

The tenor of interviews is in general to enquire with candidate about the Context and Situations, she had “used the hammer” and what challenges she encountered and strategies she affected. However, what results from this, is the realization that while there is an evidence of “use of hammer” as skill, candidate had used it as “Black Smith” and not as a “Carpenter” the job at organization requires. At this point, Candidate is politely told about the lack of fit and interview panel moves to next candidate.

Given the technology available today, it is possible to turn the situation around saving enormous wastage of time of candidates and interview panels and avoiding excruciating delays in team building.

What needs to be done is to use right technology to find right competency “carpenter” first and then ascertain attribution of required Skill “Hammer”. What is lasting is the Competency and not the Skill. After all, as long as wood is used and furniture is needed, we will need Carpenters first and it hardly matter whether they use hand saw today or may use electric saw as per zeitgeist of time, in future.

It’s the path-breaking contribution of Turbohire that it frees you from tyranny of Keywords as its find Competency first and Skill only as an attribute.